Vectary is a 3D design and augmented reality platform (AR) whose mission is to make 3D design of high quality accessible to all and transform the web into an immersive 3D/AR experience.

The company was founded in 2014 by Michal Koor (Ceo) and Pavol Sovis (Cto), both with a long experience in design and technology behind them: the founders proudly emphasize how Vectary was \’built by designers

When working as an industrial designer, Koor told the company’s CEO that the complexity of the use and sharing of content created by traditional 3D design tools was a huge obstacle to the adoption of this technology. Koor wanted to find a way that designers could achieve quality results without having to spend hours learning to use such tools, and that’s why he started investing time and energy in developing a new tool that was accessible and easy to use.

Combining this simplicity with a community, it was possible to provide high quality 3D results to designers and creatives without any 3D modelling experience.

So Vectary was born, and now, the founders point out, it is used by over a million creators around the world; moreover, more than a thousand digital agencies and creative studios rely on the platform to provide 3D content to millions of users.

With the Covid-19 pandemic that has moved more and more people online, the company still points out, Vectary has recorded an increase of 300% in the visualizations actually increased, while an increasing number of companies have started to show their products in

With progress in hardware and software and increased network speeds now allowing a wider range of applications for 3D and AR content, Vectary believes that the coming years will see a fundamental change in design. The configurable 3D assets and content for the 2D web, as well as the increased virtual reality, will become increasingly common. Also because, as a result of Covid-19 and the minor interactions that occur in real life, many brands have already accelerated their adoption of 3D and augmented reality to create and show their products more effectively on the web.

Although major technology companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Apple are democratizing 3D content consumption, Vectary believes that the creation and sharing of 3D/AR content seamlessly will be the key to mainstream adoption.

Technically, Vectary is an online device-independent tool that allows designers and creatives to apply 2D design to a 3D object in Figma or Sketch, create 3D customizers in Webflow and add

In addition, a Vectary link allows users to view 3D projects on any device and collaborate on such projects and grant access to modify them directly in the browser, embed 3D content on any website and actually view them increased on smartphones

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