Cloudera announced the general availability of Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud (CDP Private Cloud).

It is a platform that extends the speed, simplicity and economy typical of the cloud to the data center, allowing IT to respond more quickly to business needs and provide service levels adapted to needs, so that people can be more productive with data that

The Cloudera platform comes at a time when, according to IDC, 84% of large customers are bringing workloads back to the company from the public cloud, with 67% of applications in both public and private cloud environments.

This means that hybrid clouds for large companies as well as being strategic are also practical.

The Cloudera CDP Private Cloud has been developed for this purpose, connecting on-premise environments and public clouds with consistent and integrated security and governance.

In essence, notes Cloudera in a note, the platform brings in the data center the same easy-to-use analytic experience already shown by CDP Public Cloud on AWS and Azure.

Users, always explains the same note, are more productive because they have self-service access to data and analysis they need to work more efficiently.

Teams are more collaborative because they can quickly access and share data anywhere and consequently companies are more agile because they make faster and more effective decisions thanks to the analytical capabilities of CDP Private Cloud.

LMIT operate on CDP Private Cloud with container-based management tools that reduce the time to provide machine learning-based analysis.

It is therefore improved, also the economic aspect of the data centers, with container-based analysis that allow to increase the use of the servers up to 70%, while reducing the costs of storage and management.

Overall, reports Cloudera, CDP Private Cloud can provide up to 50% higher analytical capabilities than the same investment in the data center.

With CDP Private Cloud, IT is now able to meet the demand for data analysis services, with a petabyte-scale hybrid data architecture, flexible enough to use private and public clouds.

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