Amazon has made it easier to use Alexa in your car for navigation, entertainment and to stay connected when you are on the move, while helping users stay focused on driving and on the road to take.

The most important novelty is Auto Mode: the Auto mode in the Alexa App allows you to see and do more, and in a simpler way, with your car accessory compatible with Alexa. It transforms your smartphone into a sort of smart and user-friendly display that enhances the voice experience of the virtual Amazon assistant on board the vehicle.

Auto mode, Amazon stresses, has been designed to help the user stay focused on the road, with easy-to-read images, large touch areas and intuitive functions and shortcuts for the most common actions used in the car, such as browsing to saved locations

Auto Mode consists of three additional screens, in addition to the initial one: Navigation, Communicate, and Play, as well as a menu bar that allows users to quickly switch from one screen to the other.

The Auto mode home screen is designed to provide one-touch access to the most frequent actions, with shortcuts to play and pause the current media source, navigate home or to work and make a call. Just tap the shortcut to start the action, or ask Alexa.

The Navigate screen allows you to quickly access the favorite locations stored in the Alexa app. Choosing a destination will open the favorite navigation app and you can start the journey. You can also ask Alexa to find a new place.

The Comunicata screen allows you to easily make a call, a Drop In or an ad to your Alexa devices. You can ask Alexa to start the action or tap the selection, and Auto mode will provide an easy-to-read list of contacts and devices.

The Play screen shows the most recent played media and acts as a media control center.

Auto mode, announced Amazon, will be available in the coming weeks on Android and iOS in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, India, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

The new Start My Commute routine will be launched in the United States at the moment. Start My Commute lets you feel the weather, traffic updates and a choice of entertainment options.

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