Maintaining user confidence continues to be a top priority for platforms and organizations, said LinkedIn on its business site focused on marketing solutions.

In fact, we add, in recent times it has become a topic that is particularly under the magnifying glass both by users and institutions and organizations that regulate and keep under observation the theme.

For companies it can also become an important topic to make their products and services prefer to those of competitors.

Among the big tech corporations, one of the most active, if not the most active, has been Apple for some time.

The App Tracking Transparency function announced by the company in Cupertino is raising the interest of users and observers, but also a certain concern on the part of marketers, advertisers and other technology companies, especially in the social networking sector.

With this feature (which should arrive with iOS and iPadOS 14.5), you will need the explicit opt-in from users to allow apps to collect tracking information.

LinkedIn also highlighted that one of the biggest changes in the industry is the imminent modification of Apple to the Identifier for Advertising (IDFA), which companies use for tracking and targeting advertisements.

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The company of the well-known social professional has had to reiterate that it has always maintained a high standard in putting its members first in business strategies.

LinkedIn has offered its users and advertisers an update on the company’s plans and a guide to help them prepare for these changes.

In essence, LinkedIn decided to stop the collection of IDFA data by its iOS apps; however, it also added: for now.

Although this change concerns LinkedIn Audience Network (LAN), Conversion Tracking and Matched Audiences, the company also said it expected a limited impact on campaign performance and did not expect that major changes are needed for their configuration.

LinkedIn has emphasized that it will regularly re-evaluate the collection of IDFA and that however it will commit to respect the principles of privacy-by-design that offer value to the customers and provide a reliable experience for the subscribers.

LinkedIn’s plan, based on the company’s own official statements, is to leverage first-party data to help marketers reach groups of buyers, which are critical to success in B2B marketing, so that customers can get

LinkedIn also added that it will update its customers and users in the next quarter on progress and that it will share what will have emerged in this regard.

In the meantime, LinkedIn has prepared a page of the Help Center with advice for marketers and companies on how to prepare for changes to Apple’s iOS 14 iOS 14 tracking transparency (ATT) framework and on the impact that

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