It is certainly not a surprise news, that of Skype-Alexa integration.

Microsoft had already announced the availability of Skype calls on Amazon Alexa devices for some time.

Initially, however, this support was limited to a handful of countries, among which ours was not present. This \’marriage’ between calls with Microsoft’s platform and Amazon’s voice assistant has now arrived in Italy too.

It is now possible to use Alexa to call your contacts on Skype. To take advantage of this functionality, it is necessary to configure the device first using the Alexa app. The latter is available for both Android and iOS devices on their respective stores.

Once you open the Amazon Alexa app, you have to access Settings > Communications. Here, you can tap Skype between Accounts to connect your accounts on the two platforms. Of course, to activate this step you will need access to validate your credentials. You can also make the configuration on the web, on

Microsoft and Amazon also recommend making sure you are using the latest version of Skype, and you are required to version 8.34 or later.

“Alexa, call Mom on Skype”

So once we have established the connection between the two accounts, we can call our contacts simply by asking Alexa.

And not just friends, family or colleagues who are on Skype. The Microsoft platform also allows you to call fixed phone numbers and mobile phones. In this case, however, you need credit or a subscription. In fact, such calls are not free. When you activate the Skype-Alexa connection, Microsoft offers a number of minutes of free calls for two months. All information on Skype’s use with Alexa, the terms of use and the details of the offers are available at this link. And compatibility with devices.

In addition to Italy, Skype calls to Alexa are now available in France and Spain. In addition, the possibility of making calls without using hands is not limited to audio. You can also make Skype video calls, but this option is only supported on Echo Show and Echo Spot. This is quite obvious, as it is the Echo devices with displays.

For the Italian users of Alexa there is another novelty, in addition to the one related to Skype. Customers in Italy now have access to music videos thanks to the integration with Vevo.

As for calls, just say “Alexa, call mom on Skype” with Vevo just say, for example, “Alexa, play music videos of Marco Mengoni”.

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