Unbabel is a multilingual language operations and communication platform enhanced by artificial intelligence, designed to help companies provide multilingual support on a scale.

The company announced the acquisition of Lingo24 as part of its strategy to bring the capabilities of a consistent and reliable translation to companies around the world.

The addition of Lingo24 • has highlighted the company • that Unbabel can provide more consistent and high quality multilingual customer experiences in marketing and customer service.

And this, in turn, can help companies accelerate their international growth and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Lingo24 is a language service provider (LSP) which is also based on artificial intelligence technology, combined with human creativity, and has experience in providing multilingual content on a scale for global companies.

The acquisition • Unbabel • will advance the company’s vision to enable companies to implement their unified language strategy through Language Operations.

Lingo24 has a strong expertise in translating content into multiple forms: from product descriptions to user guides, to websites, software and multilingual applications.

Unbabel has clear ideas about the value that integration between the two companies will bring.

Artificial intelligence capabilities and multilingual customer service solutions for digital channels such as Unbabel’s chat, email and FAQ, combined with Lingo24’s expertise in helping global businesses deliver multilingual content across the board

Unbabel and Lingo24 integrate with the best CRM and CMS platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Kustomer, WordPress, Drupal and Magento. And they are part of existing business workflows to provide multilingual content across multiple digital channels.

Integration between the two realities will help to achieve the mission of Unbabel: to remove language barriers so that businesses can succeed globally.

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