The Ministry of Economic Development has offered an update on the progress of the work of realization of ultra-wide band. The new announcements come after the third meeting dedicated to the National Ultralarga Band Plan, of the new Address Committee of Infotel. The Steering and Monitoring Committee on activities to strengthen the public infrastructure network for ultra-wideband.

On this occasion, particular attention was paid to the development on the territory and the problems related to the permits of the yards. In this regard, Open Fiber has communicated that approximately 1,300 yards have already been started. In addition, for 2019 the company plans to open 2,000 additional yards for the coverage of about 1.3 million utilities.

The work of the MiSE Task Force was also examined during the meeting, in implementation of the decision of the Banda Ultralarga Committee (COBUL). Initiative aimed at providing support to the Regions in the reporting of the works carried out. In the near future, the MiSE announced, will be organized a meeting with the Regions at Infratel Italia S.p.A. The meeting will be aimed at deepening the topic of reporting and planning of interventions in 2019.

Ultra-wide band for schools and citizens

The meeting also addressed the issue of demand support for the activation of ultra-wide bandwidth services. With special attention to schools, SMEs, employment centres and citizens. The aim, the MiSE stresses, is to raise civil society’s awareness of inclusive connectivity.

On the subject, the Undersecretary of Education Salvatore Giuliano Giuliano has highlighted the need to provide schools, in the immediate future, with a connection of at least one Gigabit. As well as pilot projects in schools already linked with fibre optics.

The Legal Adviser of the Ministry of Economic Development, Marco Bellezza, commented with the following words. • With the Decree Law Simplifications we accelerate and simplify the process of obtaining permissions for the installation of fiber and ultra-wide band. A choral effort is needed by all the bodies concerned, i.e. the municipalities, the provinces and the Superintendences, to speed up the work as much as possible and thus enable the creation of the Smart Nation.

More information is available on the MiSE website at this link.

Open Fiber and Nokia

Open Fiber recently announced a partnership with Nokia for the ultra-wide band. Specifically, the company has announced that it has chosen Nokia for the provision and implementation of the infrastructure and enabling services in the municipalities of the white areas (cluster C and D).

In the strategic plan for the ultra-wide band, in 2015, the government divided the territory into four geographical clusters: A, B, C and D. Of the clusters C and D are part of the so-called white areas, those with market failure. Areas where ultra-wideband infrastructure would be difficult or impossible to achieve for the market.

Nokia has been selected by Open Fiber as the unique provider for the access infrastructure of clusters C and D. And will be responsible for the complete project that includes the supply of the necessary products, services and software.

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