The infrastructure provided by the Ultralarga Band Plan is being implemented, thanks to more than 3 billion State investments dedicated to the mountain and inland areas of the country.

The data released by Infratel and the Ministry of Economic Development according to Uncem, the National Union of Municipalities of the Mountain Authorities, are comforting.

More than 1,000 construction sites have been opened so far in the context of the first two Infratel-Open Fiber races for the construction of ultra-wide band infrastructure in the so-called white areas of the country, that is the internal and mountain ones.

This was the result of an early achievement of the target set by the end of 2018. In detail, 1,033 yards are open on 19 November 2018.

The new network is made with both fiber optic cables and (only in some municipalities) with wireless instruments (FWA system).

Read and download the state of the Ultra Large Band Plan, common by municipality

In the table made available by the website on the works and designs in the Italian municipalities are represented various situations.

In definitive design: The dealer has not yet completed the final design.

In final project approval: the project was delivered by the Concessionaire and is in check by Infratel.

Final approved project: The project was approved by Infratel. The dealer has not yet filed requests for authorisations.

Pending authorisations: the concessionaire has started the application phase and obtained the authorisations (if the municipality has signed the convention) and expects the necessary authorisations to start the yards.

In executive project approval: the complete executive project of authorisations was delivered by the Concessionaire and is in check in Infratel.

Running: construction site in progress.

Many municipalities have already been contacted by Open Fiber, a company that won the contract of Infratel (Ministry of Economic Development) for the final design and the start of the works.

As provided for in the Concession Agreement, the concessionaire (Open Fiber) downstream of the approval of the final project by Infratel must start the activity of obtaining the necessary authorizations to be attached to the executive project of the work.

How to finish work by 2020

The authorization phase is marked in many regions by the major difficulties both by the municipalities and by the Provinces. The rapid release of authorisations and the coordination of the Regions towards local authorities, municipalities and provinces is decisive.

According to Uncem, many of the Plan’s delays in recent months are also due to a slow licensing system. The union of municipalities, strongly believing in the BUL Plan, highlights the need to limit the internal bureaucratic times of local authorities.

The same request was sent to the Regions, as well as to Rfi, Anas, to other subjects who must facilitate the journey in certain times.

The resources that the State and the Regions have committed must be spent and reported by 2020, so there are just over two years to implement the Ultra-wide Band Plan.

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