If countless Italian companies have been able to continue their work at least, during the Covid-19 crisis, the merit is also of the ultra-wide band.

Paolo Campoli, Senior Director, Operations Service Provider

The period of great emergency, the manager emphasizes, has put in the foreground the vital importance of the internet infrastructure for the entire country system.

In early March, in a single week, internet traffic grew as much as in a whole year. Despite this, in May there was no significant decrease in the volume of data, proving how we are probably witnessing the birth of a new normal.

Cisco herself noted, for example, how the use of the Webex platform has grown by 300%, and in April alone 25 billion minutes of online sessions have been.

Unfortunately, malware has also grown: out of the over 74000 domains on Covid-19 topic, 65% have turned out to be malevolent.

Connectivity, in short, is much more important than a commodity. In some time slots, especially in the morning, traffic volume doubled (particularly on the fixed network).

The mobile network has grown mainly in less densely populated areas, probably due to the absence of broadband in locations not yet reached by optical fiber.

As easily intuitable is video streaming to play the lion’s part: over 60% of traffic is attributable to these services, and for this reason the top players in the sector were invited to reduce resolution and bitrate during the most challenging moments of the crisis Co

Despite this, the performance of the network has remained virtually unchanged, thanks to the ability to scale upwards of the main Telco operators (Tim declares to have increased the total capacity by more than 50%)

Fastweb has found similar impacts on the growth of data volume, both driven by smart working and e-learning and by video streaming. Online gaming has also grown by 300%: a huge growth, also dictated by the download of games and not only by the play activity as such.

Vodafone observed the situation from a different perspective: the huge increase in VPN use, combined with the growth in mobile network use. There is a synergy between fixed and mobile networks, where much of the web traffic generated by mobile devices is represented by tethering.

Telco are therefore back to the centre of attention, and networks are increasingly essential for business continuity. The growth of the backbone must be accompanied by the ultra-wide band and the low latency concretely available everywhere: only thus can you overcome the digital divide.

A scenario, this, on which all the telco agree. Bringing connectivity to smaller centres is essential for our country, and in this a leading role will be played by 5G networks.

The point of arrival is clear: you travel decisively towards convergence of fixed or mobile networks, which will be seen in the future as a single internet access network.

We urged Cisco and Telco with a provocation: investing in 5G and fiber doesn’t risk being redundant? Everyone has agreed on the real complementarity of the networks, destined to bring ultra-wide band in different environments and situations, going to fill (in intentions) every bag of deficiency broadband and in fact enabling with determination the digital transformation, also thanks to connections in fixed wireless

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