The judicial authorities announced that they had arrested 3 people for the Twitter case, including a 17-year-old named the mind of the now famous attack by Twitter a few weeks ago.

American investigators have revealed that the arrests were the result of a joint investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Department of Justice.

The generalities of two people are known: Mason Sheppard, nickname

The second subject is Nima Fazeli, aka……… Rolex,…..22, by Orlando in Florida. For him, the investigators opened a file with the accusation of help and fairness in the violation of computer systems.

The third person is a 17-year-old, and due to the minor age, no personal details were provided, except that he is a resident of Tampa, Florida. The minor is however considered to be the mind that devised the cyber attack.

The investigators also issued a series of statements in which, in addition to the satisfaction of the work done, warn cybercriminals: the conviction that it is enough to violate the law through the internet to avoid incurring sanctions is completely wrong. Moreover, the American authorities continue, the law will always protect the privacy of people’s data to the maximum of its possibilities.

As we have pointed out, the hack was perpetrated using an internal Twitter administrative tool to gain access to high-profile accounts, demonstrating undoubtedly a serious policy issue on the part of the social network.

In a tweet, the company expressed its appreciation for the speed with which the investigators conducted the investigations, and again stressed the desire to offer maximum transparency on this serious cybersecurity incident.

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