The online publication platform for Medium articles expands towards audio thanks to the acquisition of Knowable.

Presented two years ago on Medium, Knowable is an audio learning platform focused on personal and professional success.

This e-learning platform hosts a library of original audio courses on various topics, held by experts from various sectors.

Knowable’s mission is to bring together world-renowned experts, academics and storytellers to create engaging audio courses for people who want to be inspired, learn new things and achieve their goals.

The founders’ reflection was that although podcasts and audiobooks were excellent for random learning, there were few options for people who wanted structured learning and similar to a course, given via audio.

The online courses were (and in many ways still are) almost entirely focused on video, and the few audio options available, according to the founders of Knowable did not have the characteristics that were needed for online learning.

Now, two years later, Knowable has been acquired by Medium, whose publishing platform is instead focused on written and read communication.

In illustrating the reasons that led to the acquisition, Medium stressed that audio communication is growing in popularity and that the first reason people say they listen to podcasts today is to learn new things.

To respond to this need, Knowable has created the convincing new format of the audio lesson. This combines the colloquial style of a podcast with the rigour of a book of essays. All enclosed in a customized app.

Knowable will remain a standalone product and co-founders Warren Shaeffer and Alex Benzer, and the rest of the team, will help Medium carry out wider spectrum audio initiatives.

Medium has not offered precise details on the next evolutions, but it seems clear that the interest of the company, in addition to the written text, now includes also audio.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the news, Medium announced that a Knowable subscription will be discounted by 75% until the end of the year.

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