The well-known Total energy producer has announced that he has chosen Nutanix solutions to accelerate his digital transformation project.

In particular, Total has adopted hyperconverging software infrastructure (HCI), the hypervisor AHV and Files, Flow, Prism and Frame solutions to develop a unified IT environment that supports most global activities

Total has chosen Nutanix to provide its users with the reliability and performance required and, at the same time, to ensure the flexibility necessary for the company to adapt quickly to the continuous evolution of the oil and gas sector.

In addition, Nutanix has been entrusted with the company to achieve a very important objective, i.e. to drastically reduce the environmental impact of the data center in line with its programmes aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.

To enhance its global and distributed operations, Total needed an IT environment that could support over 7,000 applications across the company, and increase the reliability and flexibility of IT infrastructure.

In addition, Total was looking for a solution that would help to renew the data center and provide a coherent platform and management for all sites of the company, regardless of the size of each.

Nutanix solutions help Total streamline administration and improve automation, including maintenance, as well as optimize costs and accelerate digital transformation.

Thanks to the collaboration with Nutanix, Total also achieves important goals such as reliability and performance necessary to maintain corporate leadership in the competitive energy production sector, as any loss of service could have significant repercussions.

Thanks to Nutanix software that feeds IT infrastructure in North America, Total has not suffered any interruption of service for its affiliates in the last three years.

In addition to optimising activities and increasing reliability, Nutanix solutions allow Total to deploy the resources needed to adapt to growing needs.

The ability to scale rapidly, as well as the use of resources according to needs, are important aspects for Total, since they allow to adapt to a constantly changing IT landscape and needs, in line with the digital transformation projects of society. The Nutanix software-defined infrastructure solution ensures this flexibility while providing integrated data protection and one-click security updates that ensure security and integrity of sensitive data.

Thanks to the Nutanix range of solutions, Total has a flexible infrastructure to operate even more efficiently.

Over the next three years, Total plans to continue to upgrade its Nutanix environment to enable additional sites and services.

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