Equinox Precision Time is a new on demand service that allows you to quickly develop a highly accurate Time as a Service to manage edge applications through precise and reliable time synchronization.

But what is Time as a Service (TaaS) used for? Equinox herself explains this in a series of in-depth posts on the company’s blog.

With the fundamental model of computing moving towards a distributed paradigm, systems will be increasingly heavily based on coordination and programming of actions on multiple machines. The competing processes running on different hosts will need more robust and scalable technology to sort events and generate timestamps.

In addition, tightening sector requirements on transaction traceability will require greater precision from time hardware. For most organizations, building and managing an in-house time synchronization system for distributed digital infrastructure will be unworkable. High-precision time synchronization hardware is expensive, and so are the network engineers required to maintain it. This implementation overhead can manifest itself as a serious brake on the agility and scalability of the business.

Equinox believes that current time synchronization systems are now showing their age. In today’s service-based technology landscape, timing synchronization has been lagging behind.

Consuming time Just as the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allows companies to change on demand, whether it is to arrive first in a new market or to scale down to adapt to a declining climate business.

In addition, Time as a Service could help democratize the process of managing a business based on distributed technology. Replacing the timing infrastructure and IT staff with the monthly invoice of an on demand service, companies could completely outsource the operating costs associated with staying up to date with the latest industry regulations, monitoring synchronization accuracy and protecting hardware from attacks

There are many global companies for which Time as a Service is an essential tool to meet compliance requirements and maintain precise time synchronization, so as to ensure the smooth execution of all operations of the digital infrastructure. For example, financial services, online gaming, government organisations, production and media and entertainment sectors, and others.

Equinox Precision Time is a solution for those companies that want to improve the efficiency of applications and network speed, minimizing their dependence on the Internet and GPS antennas for synchronization.

Available on Equinox Fabric, this service allows companies to bypass the Internet and achieve a secure and reliable time synchronization. Integration with Equinox Fabric also allows Equinox Precision Time customers to tap into the numerous digital ecosystems and seamlessly connect with other physical or virtual services available on the Equinox platform.

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