For Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who is truly recognized as the inventor of the web, privacy has been number one priority for years. This is why he created the Intrust startup, which has now announced the availability of the version for companies of his own Solid privacy platform.

Thanks to Solid, users of large enterprises or public administrations will also be able to control their data in full.

As you know, Berners-Lee has always firmly believed that the world of the internet should be as open as possible. However, it is undeniable that in recent years the big web has made huge profits thanks to the data of users.

Starting from this assumption, in 2018 the open source Solid project was born, with the declared intention to give users the total control of their data.

Three years ago Tim Berners-Lee launched Inrupt, a startup based on the open source project, and hired John Bruce to run the company. In fact, they both share the same view of moving the data property without changing the way websites are developed.

With Solid, developers use the same standards and methods of site creation and these applications will work with any browser. What Solid aims to do is alter the balance of data power and redirect it to the user.

The main idea behind this approach is that users control their data in online storage entities called in brief Personal Online Data Store or Pod.

The company version consists of Solid Server to manage pod and developers can create applications using an SDK to exploit pod and access the data they need to do a particular job like paying taxes or interacting with a healthcare professional. Bruce said that the enterprise version is fully compatible with the specifications of the Open Source Solid project.

Inrupt has already started working with some important organisations before its release, including the BBC and the UK National Health Service and the Government of Flanders in Belgium.

Bruce cited the example of the British National Health Service, which created a patient app to interact with the institution and consult its health data. Thanks to the app, patients will be able to allow doctors, family members or home healthcare professionals to read certain data from their Solid Pod and add notes or custody observations that doctors can read to improve patient care.

The difference between this and the Web apps or for traditional smartphones is that in this case it is always the user who decides whether and to what extent to grant access to their personal data by third parties, doctors or health care professionals in this specific case.

Bruce and Berners-Lee are aware that the success of their initiative also passes through the simplicity of use and development. Anyone can download and use the open source version of Solid, but having a company version available, offers large organizations the security and scalability required by these companies.

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