Last July, Vodafone and Tim agreed to a merger of their respective passive network and communication tower management entities, Vodafone Towers and Inwit, in one reality.

This was an agreement that was going to create the second tower management company in Europe, with over 22 thousand sites, and that continued with its own dynamics, so that the shareholders’ meeting of Inwit for the appointment of the Board of Directors post-melting with Vodaf

The agreement to merge mobile networks between Vodafone and Tim has raised the concerns of the European competition authorities, activated also by the reports of the managing director of Iliad Italia, Benedetto Levi, addressed to the EU last January.

Reuters reports that in the light of these concerns concerning a duopoly of mobile networks, the two companies have decided to offer competitors access to sites in some cities.

The proposal was outlined in an EU document to which Reuters had access.

According to the Inwit proposal, the competitors will be granted access to around 630 sites in cities with a population of over 35,000 people, for mobile and fixed phone services.

The terms of the concession offers range from six to nine years, with a further extension up to six years after the expiry of the initial agreements.

However, Reuters believes that the number of sites available is likely to gradually decrease below 400 in the fifth year of the proposal.

Reuters also reported that Vodafone and Telecom Italia will grant access to sites on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and companies will be able to resolve any disputes through a rapid system.

Before taking a decision on this, the European Commission will request feedback from competitors of the two carriers and operators’ customers.

The Brussels decision is expected on 6 March.

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