Tim and Olivetti stand alongside Italian companies, accelerating services for the restart of companies

From IoT devices for spacers to smart glasses for remote technical assistance: the most advanced technological solutions for companies to support the recovery of production and commercial activities in safety

The Tim Group therefore supports Italian companies in the resumption of production and commercial activities in safety by providing advanced technological solutions, able to meet the needs of companies of every dimension and sector.

In particular, Tim and Olivetti support companies in the transition from resilience to the consolidation of digital transformation of business processes by offering a portfolio of services that rely on infrastructure assets and expertise in the cloud and ICT of TIM and the expertise gained

The range of services available to help the reboot in safety of activities includes: access control solutions through the use of thermoscanner and thermocamera, able to measure body temperature up to 60 people at the same time and to verify the correct adoption of protective devices

The retail and catering sectors are also addressed to specific applications for the acquisition and management of orders that can facilitate the performance of activities in… Delivery and…take away. To optimize remote work, solutions are available that use augmented reality technologies and connected smart glasses to support real-time staff engaged in field maintenance and technical assistance. Tim’s commitment to promoting the deployment of Smart Working continues, thanks to the availability of packages for fixed, mobile and FWA ultrabroadband connectivity and advanced collaboration solutions such as G Suite Tim Edition, and

The Tim Group combines the ability to manage end-to-end devices and platforms through a unique interface to the customer, the widespread presence throughout the country with sellers, designers, technicians and installers, the full compliance of the company with the requirements of the company.

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