TikTok announced the launch of additional features, designed to control comments to its content and fight cyberbullying.

The creators will then be able to check what comments can be published on their content before such comments are published.

Important is the introduction of a new feature, aimed at users who are commenting, and which will make a window appear that requires the user to reconsider the publication of a comment that might be inappropriate or unkind.

TikTok says that the goal of the new features is to maintain a favourable and positive environment where people can focus on being creative and make positive knowledge.

Instead of responsively removing offensive comments, creators who choose to use the new…Filtra feature will be able to choose which comments to view on their videos.

Once enabled, they will have to examine each comment individually to approve it using a new comment management tool.

This function is based on controls of TikTok’s existing comments, which allow content creators to filter spam and other offensive comments or filter by keywords, similar to what already happens on other social apps.

In addition, the Filter All Comments feature implies that comments will not be published unless the creator approves them.

This gives creators full control over their presence on the platform and could prevent cyberbullying and abuse.

However, the absence of an contradictory could allow those who publish content to spread fake news more easily; we will see if and how TikTok will deal with this potential problem.

The other feature will instead prompt users to reconsider the publication of negative comments, that is those that seem to be acts of cyberbullying or inappropriate. It will also remind users of the TikTok Community Guidelines and allow users to change their comments before sharing them.

This feature, in TikTok’s strategy, should allow people to take time before posting offensive or improper comments. In short, a digital version of the classic • Count up to 10 before speaking • • • •

Finally, TikTok says that he is comparing himself with the partners in the sector for the development of his new policies and functionality and has also announced a partnership with the Cyberbullying Research Center (CRC), which develops research on cyberbullying and abuse and

The company says it will work with CRC to develop other initiatives in the future to help promote a positive environment.

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