They come directly from Microsoft confirmations on the ongoing negotiation at the highest levels for the acquisition of TikTok in the United States.

In fact, an official blog post reports that following a conversation between Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and American president Donald J. Trump, Microsoft is ready to continue discussions to explore a purchase of TikTok in the States

In the place, American society declares that it is ready to respond to the concerns of the President, who fully shares.

Mcrosoft has also revealed that the negotiations with ByteDance (owner of TikTok) will proceed shipped, and will have a result within a few weeks, however by September 15.

Microsoft will move quickly to continue discussions with TikTok’s parent company ByteDance within a few weeks and in any case completing these discussions by 15 September 2020. The two companies have announced their intention to explore a preliminary proposal that would involve Microsoft’s ownership and operation of TikTok in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Microsoft can invite other American investors to participate in this purchase in the minority.

According to Microsoft’s blog, the new structure would not change user experience in the TikTok app, however, going to manage the numerous critical issues expressed in terms of privacy and data processing.

Among other measures, Microsoft would ensure that all private data of US users of TikTok are transferred and remain in the United States. To the extent that such data is currently stored or backed up outside the United States, Microsoft will ensure that such data is deleted from servers outside the country after the transfer.

The Seattle company has however wanted to stress that, at this time, it is not possible to guarantee that the negotiation will be successful, but only that no effort will be spared.

We are sure that this is not the last chapter of this operation, in which national and international politics have a considerable specific weight, even greater than a negotiation worth many billion dollars.

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