Summer time without a break around the Chinese app TikTok: while Donald Trump has told American journalists that he is ready to ban the social network from the United States in the name of national interest, the New York Times has revealed the existence of

Although Trump has denied that his statements on TikTok are in any way intended to promote the successful outcome of the negotiation, it is undeniable that any American ban would have a significant economic impact on Bytedance, the company that holds TikTo It is easy to imagine a cascade effect on different states politically aligned with the USA, and a further blow to the operation of the social network.

The official motivation behind the American bans, whose first target was Huawei, is always to defend American data and interest, but it is not a mystery for anyone who in the background there is the US-China trade war. For some time the two superpowers have been at the brink of economic change, and at times of apparent thaw there are others in which the tones (and scope of actions) become more harsh.

The management of data that is not transparent is one of the accusations that has been most often made in TikTok, and by many Western nations. Bytedance has always defended itself by firmly declaring that it does not share with anyone, and in particular with the Chinese government, the data of its users. The notorious Chinese political situation, far from the standards we are used to, is cause for concern by many; the recent coronary virus emergency and the reluctance to provide accurate and timely information was pointed out by Donald Trump as one of the main causes of the large number of deaths

At the same time TikTok is one of the most popular apps among young and very young, who seem not to care much about how and where their data and multimedia content are processed. Apart from the specific situation of the Chinese social network, it is not a matter of concern to the superficiality with which a large number of users seem to relate to the theme of privacy and privacy on the internet.

A world that seems to travel on completely separate tracks: on the one hand governments that put advanced regulations in place such as the Gdpr, but on the other hand the base of users ready to give light to the use of their sensitive data in exchange for some promotion, or even without We will never tire of stressing the importance of awareness in the use of computer tools

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