The TikTok question really doesn’t seem to know pauses and twists follow at a pressing pace, this time it is Oracle that enters the stage

According to a report in the Financial Times, in fact, there would already have been contacts between the company founded by Larry Ellison and ByteDance, the company that owns the famous Chinese social network.

According to the source quoted by the Ft, Oracle is seriously considering the assumption of taking over TikTok’s activities in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

It should also be noted that when Trump called TikTok a security threat to the United States, Larry Ellison himself was one of the few leaders to openly speak on the same lines as the American president.

As we have already told you, Microsoft is also interested in TikTok’s American activities, and it is not clear at the moment whether Trump himself has a preference for Oracle rather than Microsoft.

One certainty, however, is the very strong political connotation of this affair. The geopolitical situation has long seen a clear opposition from the USA to China, in a re-edition of the Cold War in commercial version. The clashes between the two world powers are countless, and Huawei had so far suffered the most profound repercussions on the It field.

For several weeks, TikTok social network has also become the subject of the lawsuit, after the numerous issues that have emerged in Europe on the management of the collected data (not surprisingly, ByteDance announced the opening of a data center in Europe by 2021).

At the time we write, Oracle and TikTok have not made any comments on the Financial Times article

In a fluid situation, the only certainty is that we have not written the word end to this affair. The overlap with the US presidential election campaign in November does not imply a rapid conclusion; we will always be ready to take account of the next developments.

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