The new tools for the fight against online bagaraggio: the Guarantor for the protection of personal data has in fact given the green light to the scheme of provision of the Director of the Agency of revenues that identifies the technical characteristics for the realization of computer systems that allow the sale of

The initiative is part of the fight against the phenomenon of so-called secondary ticketing.

The 2019 Budget Act has in fact provided that from July 1, tickets for access to shows in installations with a capacity of more than 5,000 spectators must be named and that access to the entertainment area is subject to personal recognition, through controls and verification mechanisms of the

The same budget law provides that the name tickets are also sold through the primary online resale systems, authorised box offices or official websites of the event allowing for free change of name.

As regards the data of those who participate in the event, the access ticket must be given only the name and surname, with verification of the identity of the view to access by means of identity document. The Revenue Agency will not process any personal data relating to the ticket holder.

The Authority’s opinion

An alert submitted to the Guarantor, in addition to the failure to consult the Authority on the law, provided for by the EU Regulation, had complained that the principle of proportionality and minimization of the data of the budget law had not been respected.

The Guarantor, while noting the lack of consultation by the legislator, considered the processing of personal data provided for by the new provisions proportionate to the purposes pursued with the new measures, namely the contrast to the avoidance and tax evasion, the protection of consumers and the guarantee of public order

The normative forecast in fact limits the necessity of the name tickets and the consequent verification of the identity of the users only to some types of show for systems over 5.000 spectators (the opera and symphonic activity, jazz, ballet, the

In the interlocations with the Office of the Guarantor, the Agency has taken into account all the guarantees introduced to ensure lawful, correct and transparent data processing of data subjects, with adequate data protection, including with regard to the use of the Spid.

In particular, the principle of minimization has been respected by providing that the buyer’s data are collected only in the case of online purchases (name and surname and mobile number) in order to secure his/her identity and prevent multiple purchases, while no identification is required in case of

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