There are three dynamics that have characterized the strategies of the company security in the last year, starting a change of perspective meaningful from the past.

First, identity has become the focus of attention. The concept of identity is increasingly associated with the concept of security, because companies have understood that being able to govern and protect the whole of personal data enables better corporate security.

Today speaking of identity means going beyond authentication processes to talk about privacy, the right to anonymity and theft of credentials regarding users; GDPR and PII (Personally Identifying Information, those data that

Second: the use of analytics. UEB tools (user entity and behavioral analytics, which analyse with machine learning techniques the behaviour of users to help detect and block threats) are increasingly permeating security solutions, from the endpoint to service platforms

Analytics are able to provide information about data and activities that pass through and take place on devices on which agents cannot be installed, which is fundamental with the ever more massive diffusion of IoT objects. Analytics are then used to collect and analyze security alarms to reduce false positives and refine alarms themselves. Finally, analytics can be predictive: optimally used, they can anticipate a type of attack already perpetrated against a network by starting a series of defensive actions on other potential targets.

Third: the shortage of staff in cybersecurity (ISACA provides 2 million free positions in 2019) to which are added the massive industrialization of malware and the increasing potential surface of attack to the corporate structures (caused by data cent)

Investing more in security: $100 billion

These factors have prompted IDC to update its spending forecasts for security solutions and services. In a new report, it expects that world spending in security will exceed the $100 billion ceiling in 2019, reaching the exact 103.1 billion value, an increase of 9.4% on 2018.

Updated also l’outlook to 2022: the expenditure will reach 133.8 billion (with a 2018-2022 CAGR of 9.2%), almost 50% more than the 2018. Europe, the third market after the US and China, will spend 27.3 billion dollars in 2019 (up8.3% on 2018) and 33.6 billion in 2022 (CAGR 7.2%). More than 90% of this expenditure will be spent in Western Europe.

On May 14th, at the Hotel Melià in Milan, the 2019 edition of the IDC Security Conference 2019 will be held. At the centre of the event is the subject of the change of IT risk in the era of privacy and artificial intelligence. In the presence of IDC analysts, CISO of Italian companies and experts in the field of computer security, participants will be able to discuss best practices to guide investments and organisational choices in the matter of security. And to turn IT security into a lever to enable new models of digital innovation.

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