The new features of Google Meet to support hybrid work are designed to improve the experience of meetings, regardless of how and where people participate.

In particular, the Mountain View company has introduced a renewed user interface, functions that improve reliability and quality thanks to Google AI and tools that make meetings more engaging for all participants.

As for the richest user interface, starting next month the new Google Meet from browser will present updates to video feeds. You can choose the modes of viewing the video call, the Pinning and unpinning features of the contents will be improved for a more immersive viewing and presentation experience and the bottom bar will always be visible, to facilitate navigation.

To highlight the meeting participants and the content presented, the attachments, the list of users present, the chat and other activities will be accessible in the bottom right bar.

To reduce the fatigue from videoconferencing, the user can choose to have their own video feeds as a tile in the grid or as a floating image, which can be resized and repositioned. If you prefer not to see yourself at all, you can minimize your feed and hide it completely from sight. A setting will also be added to enable you to disable your personal feed in all Google Meet calls.

Second point: to improve the visual experience of users and help them focus on who is talking and content, Google Meet from browser will be able to automatically adjust the exposure to the light of participants.

Moreover, thanks to the Autozoom function you can zoom in and position the person who is speaking exactly in front of the camera. Finally, to support video calls when moving, this month will launch Data Saver, functionality that will limit the use of data on mobile networks to allow savings on the costs of data consumption.

The third point is the means to make meetings more engaging. In the coming weeks, Google announced, will be offered the possibility to insert as a background of videos, to ensure greater privacy and at the same time to make video calls more engaging and fun. Initially there will be three options to choose from: a classroom, a party and a forest.

Google has finally emphasized that, since hybrid work with its mix of virtual and personal meetings is becoming a pillar of professional life, it will continue to enrich and enhance Google Meet to help people have more engaging, inclusive and

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