Lenovo announced his portfolio of embedded computers at ThinkEdge.

The new ThinkEdge SE30 and ThinkEdge SE50 are small in size, robust and have the power to meet the data processing, security and scalability requirements of companies

Edge computing applications are numerous and growing rapidly. The large-scale distribution is increasingly implementing automated crates and dynamic signage systems, monitoring traffic in stores, inventory and warehouse management.

Manufacturing is automating assembly lines with predictive maintenance alerts and using intelligent cameras for security and quality inspections.

The health sector is aimed at the edge computing for remote patient monitoring and the integration of medical devices.

With the growing need for real-time insights in all sectors, the edge is becoming more important and complex than ever before.

Lenovo, the ThinkEdge portfolio

The new Lenovo ThinkEdge devices are based on Intel technology and built with future data processing needs in mind. Integrated edge computers are for users who need more processing power, greater security and scalability. With the right data immediately available in safety, companies can be more efficient and competitive.

The new ThinkEdge SE30 is a robust and compact device for edge workloads. Includes the latest 11th Generation Intel Core i5 vPro processors for industrial computing. The processor improves computing power, accelerates AI workloads and is designed specifically for edge deployments in companies with a range of temperatures ranging from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius, long life and advanced safety and manageability features.

Initially ThinkEdge SE30 will support 4G connectivity globally and will have 5G available, with the support of the main operators, in the second half of this year[iii]. 5G devices will benefit from enhanced wireless connectivity to match low latency, high reliability and high capacity of current wired solutions, with the added advantage of greater agility and greater return on investment.

Embedded applications for ThinkEdge SE30 include kiosks and ATMs for smart retail, automated manufacturing lines and monitoring of medical devices.

The new ThinkEdge SE50 is designed for versatile applications that require all-to-edge data analysis and processing. The built-in edge computing device includes an Intel Core i5 or i7 vPro processor for industrial computing and up to 32 GB of memory. End users can install ThinkEdge SE50 to aggregate and analyze data in real time from distributed IoT devices. This smart edge device can filter and forward IoT data through the WAN to the cloud or data center. Users can thus enhance their AI all-edge strategy thanks to state-of-the-art processors and optimized software that exploits the OpenVINO toolkit.

The same commitment to continuous innovation that guides Lenovo in the production of PCs is the basis of the roadmap of its edge devices. The Lenovo ThinkEdge device portfolio offers companies the flexibility to specify what they need today with the possibility to increase computing capacity in view of future functionality.

The ThinkEdge portfolio is supported by an increasing number of software providers, OEMs and system integrators, to provide seamlessly integrated devices within articulated ecosystems. ThinkEdge Certified Solutions Partners include Telit, IMS Evolve, Software AG and many more.

ThinkEdge devices are ready to be integrated into solutions to accelerate time to market and improve efficiency for OEMs. Lenovo, through its OEM Solutions division, provides secure and reliable hardware and services to design specific devices and solve business problems.

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