What are the most requested technological jobs in Italy and Europe? A question that is undoubtedly timely and very important.

In fact, technology has become an integral part of our personal and working life and the demand for adequate technical skills to make these realities happen is set to rise.

From an analysis of the current technological work available throughout Europe, there is a great demand for software engineers and system engineers

In Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland, the Netherlands and Norway software engineering is the role of technological work with the most openings currently available. The same applies to systems engineering in Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

In other countries, AI Engineering (Italy and Romania) and Data Engineering (Denmark and Luxembourg) are the technological jobs that have the most job opportunities for qualified candidates.

Prolifics Testing has discovered that Italians are more interested in the work of Data Scientist, with an average of 4,700 online searches per month.

Data Analyst positions also generate the second largest amount of interest, with 3,700 queries online every month.

Both web developer (2,500) and software engineer (2,100) work exceeds 2000 online searches per month.

On the other hand, network administrators earn only 30 searches online per month, the job position with less appeal according to the search.

Undoubtedly, many of the technology-related work will require knowledge of at least one specific programming language.

Prolifics Testing has discovered that Italians are more focused on learning python, with a volume of 6660 searches online every month. Next, Java, Html and Javascript.

Prolifics Testing tips for job search in the competitive technology sector are simple but effective: dedicate commitment to networking. Those working in technology are a close-knit community, and that makes networking very important. The effort to find and participate in as many technology/IT conferences as possible is therefore important. Similarly, you should contact established influencers, potential mentors and potential employers on platforms such as Linkedin not only to show off your skills, but asking thoughtful questions.

Diversify the skill set, always learning new languages and specializing in aspects such as SEO editing. video and photo editing.

Finally, a portfolio of the products should be created. As always, the facts speak more of words , all declare themselves very good at their work, but few are able to

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