Microsoft emphasizes that the default fonts of operating systems and environments rarely notice, and here is their greatest value. When a font merges with the background of a user experience, people can focus on the creative and productive process rather than distracting themselves on the interface.

While the default fonts may not have the same style as some of their most appealing cousins, they still highlight Microsoft, they communicate a personality in a more compact but equally distinctive way.

A default font, Microsoft continues, often represents the first impression we make: it is the visual identity that we present to other people through our resumes, documents or emails.

And just as people and the world around us grow old and grow, so it should also be for our ways of expression.

Calibri has been the default font for Microsoft applications since 2007, when it replaced Times New Roman in Microsoft Office.

For Microsoft, this font has served users well all this time, but the time has come for the next evolution.

Microsoft does not want to decide on its own the new default look of user documents.

To establish the new direction, Microsoft has commissioned five original and custom fonts to replace Calibri by default.

Then, the company wanted to share these brand new fonts with users to get feedback from them via social and \’tastastastato \’ which is the favorite.

Users whose preferred font is not chosen as their next default should not worry. All of them will be available in the font menu, next to Calibri and other favorite fonts in Office apps in Microsoft 365.

The five candidates are: Tenorite, Erin McLaughlin and Wei Huang, Bierstadt, Steve Matteson, Skeena, John Hudson and Paul Hanslow, Seaford, Tobias Fre

Microsoft will evaluate these five choices in the coming months, \ listening to the feedback of users.

All five font families are now available via the cloud in Microsoft 365 apps and experiences, and you can use them to verify which one we like best.

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