Fiverr, the marketplace that connects companies with freelance and freelance professionals and that recently presented itself in our country with a site completely renewed in Italian, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary has drawn up the list of the most popular digital professions of today.

These are, says Fiverr, new digital professions, which require professional figures that only a decade ago no one would have thought could exist.

In fact, over the last ten years, a lot of things have changed in the digital landscape; Fiverr cites some of them: the birth of the iPad, the death of Vine and the rise of TikTok, but many other examples could be made. Technology has undoubtedly contributed to the continuous redesign of the labour market and still ten years ago also the same Fiverr was born.

Let’s see then what, according to Fiverr, the ten popular digital professions of today, the ten professional figures that are now very popular and that ten years ago no one would have even imagined.

1. Coach of eSport

The world of electronic sports has seen exponential growth in the last decade and, if in 2019 the whole sector has reached a billion dollars, estimates that it will reach 1.7 billion by 2021.

It is, Fiverr emphasizes, a new sector that has seen the birth of new professional figures, in particular that of coach of eSport, a new key role for players eager to perfect their playing skills.

This is also confirmed by the data from Fiverr, which only in 2019 saw over 80,000 researches on its platform for professional figures such as coach eSport, a question that seems to be on the rise again in this new decade.

2. Alexa Skill Builder

In early 2019, Amazon reported that it sold over 100 million Alexa devices. Not only that, forecasts indicate that by 2024 more than 90% of voice assistants will be used to control smart home devices.

The impact of this new trend on the labour market is considerable and creates a huge opportunity for the creation of new digital professions, in particular the Alexa Skill Builder, a professional figure that has emerged over the last five years to help businesses and the

3. Drone Video Editor

From weddings to holidays, to the shooting of buildings, drones are very much required to capture original perspectives for private and corporate events. A Drone Video Editor is the one who knows all the right angles to exploit to maximize the quality of his videos and capture the best moments from above.

4. Tinder Profile Writer

The figure of the so-called Tinder Profile Writer, the bio writer for Tinder profiles, has established itself over the last few years as a valuable and valuable resource for all those singles eager to give the right boost to their profiles on the apps

From the drafting of the text to the revision of the bio, this particular category of copywriter provides constructive feedback to all those singles who want to play the whole and everything to find the soul mate thanks to technology.

5. TikTok Marketer and ADS manager

TikTok has become one of the most widely used social media apps in recent years for sharing and creating videos, and this cannot fail to be reflected in the digital professions.

With over a billion users, today’s brands need marketing experts and advertising managers to exploit the enormous reach of TikTok, so it is increasingly required the figure of an expert capable of creating content that can entertain the public with the

6. Cryptocurrency Exchange Developer

Cryptocurrencies are an important financial trend, but for any Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin transaction to take place, it is necessary that the trading operations take place effectively and safely. The cryptocurrencies developers are increasingly required for this specific purpose, especially thanks to the high demand of some companies such as Coinbase and Binance that offer these services.

7. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality App Developer

From apps to new digital workplaces, augmented reality and virtual reality have revolutionized the way of life experiences and events.

According to Strategy Analytics’ forecasts, quoted by Fiverr, combined sales of virtual reality devices and increased by six times by 2025 will increase.

The volumes of this offer will be driven by the increased reality viewers, a market that today requires a growing need for dedicated developers able to create mobile applications for all companies that want to get closer to their customers involving them in an immersive and non-immersive mode.

8. 4K Video Producer, Creator, Animator

The rise of videos in 4K quickly changed the way you see movies, documentaries, commercials and TV programs. The higher resolution offered by 4K technology helps companies and brands create exciting videos to present their products, and for this reason 4K video makers are a key component to deliver the best quality possible. New opportunities for innovative digital professions are also being opened up in this area.

9. Twitch Overlay Designer

In 2019, Fiverr registered over 180,000 requests for the professional figure of the Overlay Designer Twitch. The growing popularity of the Twitch live streaming platform coincides with the new need to search for specialized designers able to create customized overlays and interactive panels.

10. Zoom Background Designer

In the lockdown period, apps for online chats and meetings have experienced a real boom. The app that went for the most, especially for meetings, was Zoom, which in April alone recorded 131 million new downloads.

This videoconferencing app is thus popular with the ability to create virtual backgrounds behind it. The growing demand of designers specializing in creating backgrounds for video calls led to the birth of the brand new category of Zoom Background Designer on Fiverr, a trend that seems to last for a long time.

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