Nexive announced its new recommended portfolio, a line of modular digital services that lighten the sending and receiving of a registered card.

The private operator of the national postal market has made available Recommended Next and Recommended Evolution to affect the timing and mode of the relationship between citizens, companies and public administration, and that are an evolution compared to the recommended digital storage launched in 2017.

Next recommends digitize the return receipt: from the day following the shipment, the document is in fact available online, in a reserved area, from which you can download it safely. It is therefore no longer necessary to wait until the physical return receipt, typical of traditional recommended, which can take up to 30 days.

Recommended Next is more comfortable and faster for citizens, who can sign on a single digital support once upon a time when they receive it.

In case of non-contact due to the absence of the recipient, it is sufficient to go to a Nexive point with the unique QR Code placed on the stock notice that replaces in all and for all the signature, simplifying and further speeding up the delivery and notification process.

Next is already available for companies and thanks to the repeal of the postal reserve in August 2017 with the approval of the Competition Ddl also for the Public Administration.

Evolution is a revolution of traditional recommended because it is completely digital: no waiting for the letter holder, no signature of delivery and no queues at the door to withdraw it if you are not present at the time of delivery.

With Recommend Evolution the sender entrusts Nexive with the recommended emails. Received the recommended and saved on a secure server, Nexive sends a mail to the recipient containing the instructions for the collection and personal codes for the electronic withdrawal of the recommended, which can be conveniently done from PC, smart

Secure Data

The sender can view the Certificate of Forensics that certifies the delivery process and the content of the communication directly from its reserved area on the portal Nexive Formula Certa.

To use the recommended Evolution service, neither the sender nor the recipient also require a PEC certified email address, simply an email address is required.

Nexive lets you know that the security of shared data and privacy protection are guaranteed in all phases of the process: from access to the reserved areas on the Nexive site that happens through a secure web connection with latest generation encryption and that requires authentication through

Evolution will be available during 2019.

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