The historical date, destined to change the future of our country, is that of 10 June 2021 and fits with the establishment of a National Agency for cybersecurity. It will be a far positive change (we must not forget that as a country in the past we have had 10 June significantly worse) and will happen on the push of a decree law issued by the Council of Ministers chaired by the President of the Council Mario Draghi with Undersecret

On a proposal from Draghi himself, the Council of Ministers has approved a decree-law introducing urgent provisions on cybersecurity, defining the national cybersecurity architecture and setting up the National Cybersecurity Agency (NAC)

This is a note from Palazzo Chigi, a measure that completes the strategy of national cyber-resilience, launched last year with the discipline on the cyber perimeter, and will take care, finally starting from a central point of command, of

So, on the road to building awareness of cybersecurity in the public, private and civil society: everyone will have to be aware of the risks and cyber threats.

A direct report by the President

The Agency will operate directly under the responsibility of the President of the Council of Ministers and the Delegated Security Authority of the Republic and in close liaison with the Republic’s Security Information System.

The note of Palazzo Chigi contains in five guidelines the mandate of the Agency.

First, the Agency will have to perform the functions of National Authority in the field of cybersecurity, to protect national interests and the resilience of the services and essential functions of the State from cyber threats.

The Agency will develop national capabilities for prevention, monitoring, detection and mitigation, to deal with cybersecurity incidents and cyber attacks, including through the Italian Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and the operational start-up of the Evaluation Centre and

The role of the ACN also lies in contributing to the enhancement of the security of ICT systems of the parties included in the cybernetic national security perimeter, public administrations, essential service operators (OSE) and digital service providers (FSD).

And we come to training: the Agency will have to support the development of industrial, technological and scientific skills, promoting projects for innovation and development and aiming at stimulating the growth of a strong national workforce in the field of cybersecurity in a

Finally, the ACN will have to be audited: assume the functions of a national single interlocutor for public and private stakeholders in the field of security measures and inspection activities in the areas of the national cybersecurity perimeter, network security and information systems (Directive

The decree establishes the Interministerial Committee for Cybersecurity (ICC) and provides specific powers of control by the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic (COPASIR).

In order to adapt rapidly to European legislation, the Government has identified the Agency as the Italian National Coordination Centre, which will interface with the newly established European Centre of Cybersecurity Competence in Industrial, Technological and Research (it will be based in Bu

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