The robotic process automation (RPA) Automation Anywhere has announced the final agreement for the acquisition of FortressIQ, an intelligence process company based in San Francisco.

The intention declared by the company • combining the skills and experience of the two companies • to inaugurate a new era of intelligent automation In order to enable organisations to accelerate initiatives for automation and digital transformation in a digital-first world.

The context © described by Automation Anywhere © is where the demand for robotic process automation is knowing a boom, given the continuing pandemic and with the companies that are constantly looking for new ways to optimiz

The intelligence process, as part of the robotic process automation, according to Automation Anywhere is essential, to help companies identify, map and analyze multidimensional processes that extend through hundreds of applications and hundreds of thousands of employees.

With the acquisition of FortressIQ, Automation Anywhere has set itself the goal of advancing its platform enhanced by the artificial and native intelligence of the cloud Automation 360 to the next level.

And do so through discovery, intelligence and optimization of processes that can scale on any system or application in any vertical.

The new features • has underlined Automation Anywhere • offer an integrated intelligence that

This is because the automation of low value and manual activities by using robotic process automation is able to free up time and resources that can then be used by organizations to adapt to changing business conditions.

Its customers • underlined Automation Anywhere • implemented almost three million automations in total, with leading companies in their respective fields that completed the deployment of tens

The acquisition will help Automation Anywhere to pursue the mission of the company.

That is to provide intelligent solutions to robotic process automation globally and across all sectors, to help organizations automate end-to-end business processes and embark on the fastest path to business transformation.

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