Citrix Italia commissioned OnePoll research company to investigate 500 Italian workers to understand their perception of the Gdpr on work activity.

And the sample analysed shows that 73% of respondents changed their way of working as a result of the new Data Protection Regulation.

In particular, four out of ten claim to have to handle more processes, while one out of three must use more tools.

To these is added 23% that claims to have to deal with new referents.

Although several parties talk about an endemic delay by Italian companies in adapting to the legislation, it also emerges from the research that the two-thirds of the sample are convinced that their company has anticipated the legislation.

Interestingly, especially if you think that only 40% believe that the company has put in place practical and activated tools that successfully prevent data loss, while 38% are convinced that they are able to make sure that this does not happen even thanks to their skis

•Today companies, in order to be competitive and at the same time compliant with the new legislation, must have a workspace solution that allows the smooth and safe integration of new apps, tools and processes • Andrea Dossena

70% of the sample is either well informed or well informed about all that concerns the Gdpr (while only 11.2% do not know what it is) and 43.24% think that the legislation represents a limit for the business of their company.

However, the situation is reversed when the question concerns the personal data of the interviewees as citizens. In this case, almost 80% of the sample is convinced that the Gdpr is a useful tool for improving the protection of their sensitive data by companies and public administrations.

For the country manager of Citrix Italia, Andrea Dossena, . Essentially the GDPR is a regulation designed to create trust and that invites companies to manage with care and respect the personal data of their customers, partners and

The survey was carried out by OnePoll research institute in November this year on a sample of 500 persons employed, in companies with more than 100 employees.

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