The first appointment of the duo Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, founders of Clubhouse, was held with the international audience and the choice of the first stage fell on Italy. A privileged choice, which shows how seriously our country took social audio.

Organized Monday, March 15 at 6:30 CET, the meeting allowed the two co-founders (accompanied for the occasion by the two collaborators of all time and by a professional interpreter) to meet a small group of Italian users, who spoke about the

Perhaps this was enough for Clubhouse’s staff to get an idea of the Italian user, but we are convinced that the hour dedicated to Italy could be exploited in a much more productive way.

Dryer questions, with telegraphic answers, would have been an optimum that was missing. Questions about privacy, developments in the application according to club management, the… Creator First program, would have been important topics for everyone. And none of this.

And numbers have shown that the atmosphere of tiredness, felt from many quarters, was not just our impression: from more than 4,100 users to the opening of the room, the number of participants collapsed to 1,800 after a half hour, per settler The average size of an American room.

A discomfort that has been found and confirmed by several parties in the rooms opened immediately after the closing of the event, first of all the one with the emblematic title: \ What would you have wanted to ask the co Rooms where people wondered more about whether they really missed an opportunity. Patience, it’ll be another time.

The Women’s Townhall

The most important event for content was Sunday, March 14, the usual Townhall of 18:00 (at 9:00 AM California time), which collected around the stage a peak of 8000 participants (with an average of A Townhall dedicated to women this week, complicit in the recent recruitment to the marketing of Clubhouse of the former Netflix and former collaborator of Obama, Maya Watson (also present on March 15th at the meeting with the Italian public), A choice that always triggers the philosophy of Clubhouse: \ put the people at the center of experience \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ So no logos, but the personality that ‘on the occasion of the upcoming releases of Clubhouse ‘will lend their image to icon of the application.

But, on a practical level, what were the important elements that emerged from the Sunday meeting of co-founders with the clubhouse audience?

The Clubhouse Creator First and the next developments of the app

There have been several talks about Sunday, for example about the features implemented in the app with the March 12 release.

We do not dwell further on these features because they were illustrated in the Micropodcast on Clubhouse, easily accessible on the different platforms of distribution of audio content.

The most important thing is surely the launch of the Clubhouse Creator First project, which will allow 20 creators of Clubhouse content to obtain materials and tools to continue their work. Of course, the most innovative projects will be selected, no matter what sector, and that are being developed on different social platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Twitch.

Selections have already started and you can still participate until March 31 by connecting to the address

There is no news yet, however, about the release date of the Android app. As for more than a month now the answer is always the same: \ We are hiring developers and we will ensure that the app is made available as soon as possible  Â.

One of the functions that will be implemented in a forthcoming release is surely that of strengthening the calendar for the programming of events. However, there will be no possibility of programming recurring events (to prevent events from being scheduled no longer).

This will be combined with the implementation of a more agile club search system by hashtag, while a request from several parties to invite an unlimited number of users to an event (through the so-called ping) will not be implemented.

The last question @Paul and @Rohan answered was an application for analytics control.

The co-founders have stated that they still have no idea of the functionality of use, so they will take the time to decide what to do.

At the moment, therefore, we must refer to third-party applications, such as the interesting, which suggested to me my friend Davide Lionetti (@davideleinetti)

The Clubhouse saga, episode after episode

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