Schneider Electric and Havana report the extension of the partnership relationship, aimed at offering advanced solutions for datacenters.

Hyperscale providers provide an increasing number of data centers to respond to global demand and the complexity that arises from operating and maintaining these infrastructures is putting together unprecedented challenges.

Operating on this scale requires a different approach for critical structures that effectively feed the global digital infrastructure.

The union between the scalable industrial software Had Unified Operations Center and the control and monitoring capabilities of the EcoStruxure Data Center offer of Schneider Electric allows to have a deep and wide visibility on the daily operation of

The new joint solutions allow a homogeneous view of the design, operation and performance of a pre-existing installed base which is by its very nature heterogeneous. Hyperscale data center operators will have the advantage of connecting platforms and data sets that previously existed in different systems. They can also scale these features regardless of the number of sites to be integrated and where they are in the world.

The staff will have tools to make faster and more informed decisions and to optimize the assets and operational efficiency, throughout the life cycle of the data center.

The result is that it will be possible to offer a level and uniform quality experience and to respond globally to the growing demands of digital infrastructures of customers.

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