Digital transformation also involves the relationship between citizens and states, between private and public, between business and tax, and it does so in a way that impacts on the work of a typical professional like the accountant, carrying behind all the characteristics of ‘italianità’ that they have

The digitization of the accountant, in short, does not erase the board, if anything, moves it.

It keeps the stylings existing and adapts them to the new context. It offers a lever for efficiency and to transform work in a better way, provided it spreads and acts as a flywheel.

Pierluigi Cetera, a doctor and accountant who holds a study in Asti with nine employees, offers us a sample testimony.

Studio Cetera is therefore a typical province reality, with 300 customer companies going to form a piece of the hard-core base that is the national economy of the Pmi.

Digital accountant for choice

Cetera shows us that, after fulfilling legal obligations, such as electronic invoicing, the choice of digital for a professional studio must be the daughter of an intimate and conscious conviction, but that it is not enough to change the scenario.

The world out there (the one of a state that often regulates in a way far from reality) is always what we have known so far.

The demonstration? The electronic invoice, which started without wondering if the country structure had the strength to hold it. And he doesn’t have it, you know. Suffice it to say that the Revenue Agency received one billion invoices, and it does not know if they are unique, double (probably).

The system, for Cetera, has been supported by the accountant, who in practice has been a computer consultant. I spent the last 4 months of last year convincing and advising customers on how to implement the electronic invoice.

An electronic invoice for Cetera, which will solve the problems of VAT collection, but not those of black

730 pre-compiled marketing masterpiece

And there is also for the pre-compiled 730, which for Cetera is more a great marketing success of the Revenue Agency, which has been able to spread the volcano of the method not to stumble into investigations, but that it cannot represent reality

For the Astigian accountant it can be confirmed only in 2% of the cases, otherwise it is to be integrated. So it must be changed and consequently the person who does it becomes subject to investigation.

The ISAs, the Synthetic Reliability Indexes, i.e. the so-called new Sector Studies, would not be so new, since the data they use are the same:

The electronic receipt? Last June 28 it was decided that for six months there will be no sanctions for those who do not implement it, › because the producers could not escape the orders of the new coffers ›

The delegation system to manage the electronic invoice on behalf of the customer, which the most experienced accountants have asked for at the start of the system, can no longer be used: \ if not renegotiate, you will be deleted from 1 October I’m running 300 delegations, I have to renegotiate them all.

The Pec? ♪ I have a hub to manage Pec for customers who will never read it.

Free accountant in the cloud

Net of this scenario of daily obstacles, the digital accountant, for Cetera, is the only possible scenario.

We are talking about a professional… on the piece… ready to reap the benefits of digital transformation: the absolute control of the customer’s activities.

• I have been in favour of electronic invoice from the outset, perceiving its advantages in terms of future efficiency. I saw the first draft two years ago  said Cetera -. He brought up invoices that the customers didn’t present to us before. We now have a better knowledge of the customer company

Cetera uses Wolters Kluwer’s InvoiceSmart application, which works well because customers come to me to enter the billing system and proposed to use it to its customers and 60% of them adopted it, the

He’s been marrying the cloud, ♪ because it allows me to have everything under control all the time. The cloud takes away a lot of responsibility, such as saving data. I was once distressed by copies. Now the cloud does it for the accountant, in a structured way.

Commercialist consultant

The testimony of Pierluigi Cetera should not be included in the chapter of provocations to capture listening, which are holding a stand in this historical period, but we can consider it a shared representation of the reality of the modern accountant.

The confirmation comes from Alessia Berra, marketing manager Tax & Accounting of Wolters Kluwer, for which the accountant and professional studio are in the middle of a tsunami of normative trends, market, technology.

Digitisation means automating all services to the citizen who are now delegated to the accountant and contributing to the efficiency of the national economic fabric.

What changes for the accountant with digitalization? That the classic actions, counted as commodity, from now on will be made by the Revenue Agency, so the accountant will be more a business consultant, until becoming an external CFO.

Solutions for the accountant

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting meets the needs of the accountant with end to end solutions to automate flows in the studio and in the company.

The announcements are concentrated at two times of the year, to give the accountant a better understanding of the evolutions: in February and July.

In light of the changes that the market is experiencing, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Italy releases technological innovations that concern the replacement storage of electronic invoices with the Smart Storage and Smart Storage for Ark (dedicated to the market of the SMEs

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