The Department for Digital Transformation of Mitd, Minister for Technology Innovation and Digital Transition, is looking for experts.

The Department for Digital Transformation is responsible for promoting the dissemination of simple, inclusive and efficient digital services.

Among its areas of action is mainly the digital transformation of public administration, with, in parallel, the enhancement of public information heritage. But it also deals with an objective that is equally important and wider: the technological, social and cultural transformation of the country.

This point, defining strategic guidelines for the Government, through initiatives of coordination, impulse and promotion, and through other forms of activity.

Among the most important areas in the Department’s area of attention are those of school, university and research, central and local public administration, justice, enterprise, work and social activity.

The Department for Digital Transformation is looking for experts in the field of digital technologies. In fact, it updated the Work Positions page which now lists different open positions.

In particular, according to the description of the site itself, the Department for Digital Transformation is looking for experts who will manage and develop projects in digitalization and innovation.

Among the figures sought are, for example, Data Scientist, with software development skills and with specific knowledge in the management, analysis, manipulation and representation of data.

By Technical Project Manager • Banda Ultra Large (BUL); UI/UX Designer, for conceptualization, design and continuous improvement of user interfaces for mobile and web applications created by the Department and the Public

The compensation varies clearly according to the position, reaching up to 80,000.00; the type of contract is not specified, in the introductory page.

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