Zowie is a customer service solution enhanced by artificial intelligence that automates repetitive questions, builds relationships and transforms customer support into sales.

In practice, the solution is based on an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, which introduces automation into customer service on all channels of the company.

Zowie’s tool is simple to implement and integrates with most of the customer support software that the company already uses, such as Intercom, Zendesk, LiveChat and others.

It allows you to bring all communication channels with customers together in an omnichannel inbox: for example Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram and many others.

Zowie also integrates with different popular ecommerce platforms, such as: Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and others.

Zowie’s founders told their vision.

When a person enters his favorite local store, the staff remembers his name and the things he prefers. The customer can easily take a look at the news and, if he has a question or a problem, all is solved immediately.

With the growth of online shopping, this sense of hospitality and connection has been lost. But it doesn’t have to be like this, according to Zowie’s team.

Zowie’s goal is to help digital retailers create customized shopping experiences that are able to build relationships and increase sales.

According to Zowie, this is what modern interactions with online customers should do.

And that’s why the company is building a suite of digital retailers tools that helps them achieve this goal. All powered by Zowie’s machine learning technology, called X1.

The platform starts with automating repetitive questions, such as: • is available in my size? •. This quickly gives customers the answers they need and the customer service providers have more time to handle the most complex demands, with human sensitivity.

This approach helps build relationships and allows customer support to generate revenue.

Zowie calls this cycle: Deflect, Care, Sell.

The vision is to allow online shop owners to understand their customers, offer higher level of assistance, build relationships and, finally, generate more profits.

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