By choosing the NFON Cloud Switchboard by April 30, you get a bonus of 40 euros for each user activated

In the last year, many Italian companies have experienced for the first time remote work, moving from rigid organization models to greater flexibility in space management, time management and responsibility.

Many workers hope to maintain, even in part, more flexible work patterns.

According to a Manpowergroup report, the pandemic has changed the priorities of the workers, with 85% claiming to want to give priority to their own well-being and private life, while 83% claiming to feel more productive in a more agile context and hopes to

To better address these challenges, the choice of technology solutions that enable smart working, such as Cloudya, the NFON cloud switchboard, has been crucially important, with over 40,000 companies in Europe.

Thanks to a package of integrated and premium solutions, Cloudya is able to adapt to the needs of all companies, regardless of the size of the workforce and the sector in which they operate. And now, switching to Cloudya is even more convenient.

In fact, to help companies face this sudden change, NFON launched a new initiative: • The cloud served • a bonus of 40 euros for each phone interior activated with Cloudya by April 30.

One requirement: to cancel your company control unit.

By choosing Cloudya, companies can say goodbye to the failure of the switchboard, the maintenance costs and the impossibility of adopting new work models: NFON offers an always up-to-date and efficient telephone system, which guarantees every company a smooth transition to the

An advantage for all those companies that intend to adopt the work system remotely or hybridly: in the office, in a coworking space, or at home, the worker will still have access to all his data and his conversations through the login to his or her account, with

With Cloudya, it is also possible to integrate several services, which are becoming increasingly indispensable, such as Microsoft Teams, and to combine telephony and collaboration, obtaining a perfect tool of Unified Communication.

It is the perfect time to say goodbye to the traditional switchboard and take a step forward towards simpler, independent communications, in the future.

Ask for the bonus to switch to the switchboard in the cloud

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