The dramatic situation that is affecting the whole world has no precedent in recent history, and the cloud infrastructure is facing important workloads.

The Cloud Infrastructure’s ability to withstand impact was discussed by a panel of some of the most important players in the market: Alex Guerrero, Sr. Manager of SaaS Operations at Zoom; Bill Long, SVP of The discussion was coordinated by Avi Freedman, Co-founder and Ceo of Kentik.

That such a high-level and qualified panel has decided to discuss the issue of cloud infrastructure is significant, and testifies to the exceptional nature of the current situation.

Managers have undoubtedly agreed on two key points for the system’s maintenance: the large scale and automation guaranteed by cloud platforms.

In fact, the coronavirus emergency has created a double effect: a constant increase in the bandwidth used (generated by smart working and much more private users in the home) and significant peaks of use.

The bigs of the network have told their experience of these weeks under pressure, and they have all said more than quietly about the solidity of their platforms, able to scale automatically in extremely fast times, thanks to cloud automation.

Moreover, a robust adoption of agile work is allowing all realities to continue to guarantee their customers the best possible support and in a completely transparent way.

The comparison with the difficulties encountered in Italy to embrace a similar system of smart working is quite impiety; it is widely desirable that among the (few) positive things that this crisis will leave in inheritance one is the awareness that there is another way of

They would all gain: less traffic, more productivity and less stress for workers.

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