Completed in 15 months, the acquisition of Gemalto by Thales for 4.8 billion euros creates a global digital identity and security group made by 80,000 people.

Thales has the technologies at the base of the critical decision-making chain for companies, organisations and governments and with Gemalto’s skills and technologies will develop secure solutions to address societal challenges, such as unattended air traffic management, data and network security

The Thales Gemalto combination creates a world-class leader in digital identity and security solutions based on technologies such as biometrics, data protection and, more generally, cybersecurity.

Thales will therefore provide seamless response to customers, including critical infrastructure providers such as banks, telecom operators, government agencies, public service companies and other sectors, while addressing challenges related to the identification of people and objects and data protection.

Thales and Gemalto share a passion for advanced technologies that serve as a common basis for their 80,000 employees. Research and development are at the centre of the new group, with its 3,000 researchers and 28,000 dedicated engineers.

Thales has developed cutting-edge technologies to meet the most demanding customer needs worldwide for decades. Today the Group has become a huge laboratory, with a portfolio of 20,500 patents, of which more than 400 new registered in 2018.

The new Thales will cover the entire critical decision chain in an increasingly interconnected and vulnerable world, with features ranging from software development, data processing, real-time decision support, connectivity and end-to-end network management.

With a billion euros a year dedicated to self-financed R&D, the Group will continue to innovate in its key markets, drawing in particular on its world-class digital expertise in the Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Security

Following the acquisition Gemalto will form one of the seven global divisions of Thales, called Digital Identity and Security (DIS).

Gemalto will interact with all civilian and Group defence customers and will significantly strengthen its industrial presence in 68 countries. Thales will expand its activities considerably in Latin America (2,500 employees, compared to 600), will triple its presence in North Asia (1,980, from 700), Southeast Asia (2,500, to 800) and India (1.

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