Verified Reviews, part of the Skeepers Group, expands its line-up of solutions by launching and distributing in Italy the new Teester product, a service for the creation of quality video reviews by customers.

Last proposal of Verified Reviews for users generated content, this solution helps brands increase sales through reliable, authentic and engaging videos made directly by their customers for their customers. Among the companies that have already adopted at European level, the innovative solution proposed by Verified Reviews stand out brands like Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Disney, MAC and Petit Bateau.

The development of the pandemic from Covid-19 has contributed deeply to a redefinition of the balance between brands and their audience. In response to the crisis and the situation of great uncertainty, the demand for greater authenticity, transparency and dialogue with companies has been strengthened in recent months.

This trend, combined with the surge of the ecommerce, has further increased the strategic importance of users generated content , feedback, customer testimonials, through which the company maintains an active dialogue with its audience. Since the beginning of the crisis Covid-19 the consultation of the online reviews has risen by as much as 45%. In addition, almost all (92%) of consumers read reviews of other customers in the pre-purchase phase. Not only: according to a recent study of Verified Reviews, 82% of sectors saw an increase in the rate of opening of post-purchase review requests and 77% of response rate. Tight signs of how much consumers feel more involved, more active, in their relationship with brands, in an economy increasingly based on trust that cannot therefore be separated from dialogue with the public.

The solution proposed by Verified Reviews is born on the basis of this great transformation of the company-client paradigm. Creating quality video generated users involves and consolidates brand relationships with their customers and promotes sales. Just think that the integration into the product pages of the video reviews made with the Verified Reviews solution allows companies to increase the conversion rate by 68%.

Video Content: The New Age of Verified Reviews Reviews

The new tool made available by Verified Reviews allows companies to bring the review process to a higher level by exploiting the effectiveness and immediacy of the video. Through the use of a SaaS platform, the Teester solution allows companies and ecommerce sites to automate the creation by their customers of authentic, relevant and quality videos related to the products and services offered. The platform is designed to support the brand at all stages of the process.

Starting with the identification and engagement of candidates, through profile detection, customized surveys and video casting. During the production of the video review, the user is facilitated with simplified editing and optimization tools that allow anyone to create effective and quality content. At the end of the process, the video content can be integrated into the product cards of your e-commerce with a custom player (with indexing on all online media) and automatically shared on YouTube with SEO optimization or become central in social campaigns thanks to formats.

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