The news of Tesla’s support and her Elon Musk CEO in Bitcoin is well known: in February the company invested 1.5 billion dollars in the cryptocurrency.

In parallel with the massive investment, Testa assumed to start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in the near future.

As often happened in his business history, Musk did not waste time. Tesla CEO started purchases via Twitter via Bitcoin

Elon Musk has always been a very volcanic entrepreneur, to use euphemism. However, we cannot guarantee that it has achieved many successes. His often very clear positions have a considerable specific weight.

For this reason, the official Bitcoin-only documentation is of particular importance.

Imagining an emulation phenomenon by other companies is not difficult at all.

In an additional Tweet, Elon Musk has specified that Tesla uses only internal software and open source and manages directly the nodes Bitcoin.

Further confirmation of the importance of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin receipts will not be converted into current currencies. At the time of writing, the option is reserved for American customers. No details were provided for other markets.

This opens the doors to many scenarios, even at the end of the supply chain. A hypothesis might be to adopt Bitcoins as a preferential currency for Tesla suppliers.

The silence of global institutions sounds even more deafening. The excuse for the pandemic is not valid here, as attention to cryptocurrencies has been very high for many years. Outside of a series of extemporaneous statements by some political leaders, there is no global strategy. It seems really incredible that a sector that can move billions of euros over the course of milliseconds is actually left to itself.

While understanding the obvious legislative difficulties to frame a new phenomenon and which escapes traditional classifications, the regulatory vacuum leaves dismay.

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