The work of enriching and expanding Telegram’s instant messaging platform continues, which continues to make people talk about themselves.

Pavel Durov, founder, Ceo and product manager of software and instant messaging service, posted a very interesting ad on his channel: Telegram is also about to become a powerful platform for group video calls.

In May, Pavel Durov announced, the development team will add a video dimension to voice chats, making Telegram even closer to being (also) a modern video conferencing tool.

However, he also emphasized Durov, with the user interface, the speed and encryption for which users appreciate Telegram.

There are not many details at the moment about this new dimension of Telegram, only Pavel Durov’s synthetic post. But other features are mentioned: screen sharing, encryption, noise cancellation, desktop and tablet support. All this, precisely, that can be expected from a modern videoconference tool.

For a more detailed and complete description of the new features we will have to wait to be closer to the launch, but the wait will not be long, as the announcement speaks of May.

These last months have seen a continuous and rapid evolution of Telegram towards the forms of voice and video communication to integrate the traditional, textual one. This technical progress has also been accompanied by constant growth: more than 100 million new users joined Telegram only in January 2021.

Last December the development team added voice chats, not group calls but persistent conference calls where participants can enter or leave at their own leisure. In March, voice chats 2.0 arrived, and more recently, the scheduled chats, proving that it is a function on which Telegram relies a lot.

Voice calls have been available for some time and one-to-one video calls have started arriving last year. The road was marked and in May there will be the next step of the challenge now launched in Zoom, Meet and other apps of video calls and videoconferences.

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