After last autumn’s update, which introduced multiple fixed messages, the real-time positions improved with Live Locations 2.0, playlists and other novelties, the latest update of Telegram introduces a new important feature and with numerous potentialities: chat vo

In practice, each Telegram group can now become an always active voice chat room where the voice-based one of the participants becomes a communication method parallel to that of written messages and multimedia content.

The verbal communication thus extends the functionality of the group by adding a lively and immediate layer to the discussion, which allows to transform the Telegram groups almost into virtual offices for the teams.

It is the same developer who points out that voice chats are not group calls: this tool can still achieve the same goals and offer an additional flexibility option. Telegram describes voice chats more as persistent conference calls where members can enter or exit at their own liking.

Groups with active voice chat feature a special bar at the top showing who is talking (and even how strong). This visual indication can help you choose the right time to join the voice chat group.

After joining a voice chat, the user is free to move into the app, browse the conversations and send messages: it will remain connected to the chat and the microphone commands will be visible on the screen so that it can be silenced and reactivated quickly in

Android device users can take advantage of the full group voice chat experience thanks to a floating system widget that shows the microphone controls and who is talking, even when Telegram is in the background.

You can chat with anyone online or invite other people through the dedicated menu. Voice chat can host a few thousand participants. Also, they have attractive animations.

On Telegram Desktop and in the native MacOS app you can choose a push-to-talk button for voice chats, to control the microphone even when Telegram is not in the foreground.

The latest update also introduces other novelties, including stickers, animations and other improvements. Among these, for example, Android users can now move data from their Telegram app from internal device memory to SD card. Or, for iOS device users, the ability to have Siri read the incoming messages aloud in the earphones.

A few days ago Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced his strategy to make the popular messaging app sustainable.

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