The update to version 8.0 of Telegram introduces numerous new features, including the most significant is the possibility to stream directly with unlimited number of viewers in groups and channels.

The previous update of late July had already enhanced and made the group video calls more flexible, enabling up to 30 users to broadcast videos from both the camera and the screen and up to 1000 people to watch the content.

The company had already announced its intention to continue to increase this limit, in order to make available to users a powerful tool for live transmissions. And now we have confirmation.

Telegram group video calls can now have unlimited audiences.

The user can start a Direct streaming in a channel or video chat in a group and both of these functions now support an unlimited number of viewers.

The viewers of their Direct streaming can interact by raising their hand and joining the transmission, if they are authorized.

This is the most important but not the only news of direct streaming, introduced with version 8.0 of Telegram.

The forward experience of messages has also been improved and now offers more options. The message forwarding action opens a preview window showing how messages will be after sending.

There are also different customization options. The user may choose to hide the sender’s name or the captions of the media messages. And you also have the option to uncheck messages that you do not want to send or change the recipient if you have touched the wrong chat.

Telegram hosts millions of channels from one to many.

To keep up with the news, the user can now scroll through the channels that follow without returning to his chat list. When you reach the end of a channel, just one gesture is needed to go to the next unread channel.

L’update 8.0 brings with it other improvements. It makes it easier to find the right sticker for every occasion and Telegram for Android also has bigger previews for sticker tips. Then there are new animated emojis.

In the comment section of a channel that has new messages, also, a counter will now appear that will show the number of unread comments.

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