Telegram’s latest update introduced profile videos along with improved People Nearby functions, unlimited file sharing with up to 2 Gigabytes per file, thumbnails for chat list and notifications, group statistics and much more.

The new Video Profile feature now allows you to upload a video to your profile and choose any frame for your static profile image in chats.

As with all the videos that the user can upload, the Telegram media editor will help improve quality or apply decorations thanks to animated stickers.

Speaking of the media editor, any photos or videos we take with the front camera of the smartphone now has a soft skin option.

There are improvements also regarding the people nearby function: when other people contact the user through the Neighboring People section, you will be able to see how far away they are, and when you start a chat with someone nearby, Telegram will suggest a greeting sticker

Another new feature is represented by thumbnail in the chat list, which allows you to immediately get an idea of the multimedia content uploaded in a message, thanks to the new thumbnails that also appear in the notifications and results of the search for messages.

If we receive too many messages from people who are not contacts, there is the new switch in the Privacy and Security settings to automatically store and silence new chats from people not in the contacts. You can access these chats at any time from the archived chat folder and return them to the main list with a simple touch.

Large group owners, with over 500 members, can now display detailed charts, and with a curated look, on activity and growth. Group statistics also show a list of the main members by number of messages and average length of messages.

In addition, the minimum number of subscribers to obtain channel statistics has been reduced to 500. Telegram is also planning to implement group statistics for administrators of all groups with at least 100 members in the near future.

On Android, the music player has been redesigned with new elegant icons and a list of expandable songs. In addition, the message input bar will expand smoothly while typing a long message, and the video editor now allows you to crop and rotate videos.

Telegram allows you to stay connected on three accounts from different phone numbers without disconnecting: mobile users can benefit from this feature since 2017 and now this has arrived on Telegram desktop multiplatform. As always, the developer explains, this does not require an active connection to the phone: all Telegram apps are completely self-sufficient.

Finally, a novelty of great interest: since 2014 Telegram users can share files up to 1.5 GB each. From now on, you can send an unlimited number of media files and files of any type, up to 2 GB each.

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