With the director of the ITS Angelo Rizzoli in Milan, Roberto Sella, we know the training courses dedicated to the IT world: those who follow them find work before the end of the course.

Training and professionalizing young technicians is one of the objectives of ITS, the Higher Technical Institutes.

The ITS training system is relatively new within the Italian educational model but has been immediately welcomed by companies, which see in their collaboration with ITS a concrete opportunity to accelerate the technological transition.

The Higher Technical Institutes, in fact, carry out post-graduate training courses, with a target of students aged between 17 and 29 years who hold a diploma or professional qualification.

Two-year courses in the case of ITS and annual programmes for IFTS, the latter designed for a direct continuation for students coming from vocational training.

To date, more than 80% of students are employed within one year of the end of their studies, demonstrating how positively companies welcome these new technical figures.

Training paths IT

We spoke with Roberto Sella, director of the ITS Angelo Rizzoli in Milan to learn about the IT training courses.

• From the first course on multichannel communication • Sella • today ITS Rizzoli develops various routes in ICT area and is orienting itself to strengthen the The Smart manufacturing route is emblematic: computer science applied to industry. Communication and omnichannel marketing, full-stack software development, cyberscurity, big data and machine learning, cloud and infrastructure specialists, smart manufacturing are some of the areas in which our offer is articulated

The contract arrives before the end of the course

The driver who guides the design of new routes is the requirement expressed by the companies. But what are the most requested figures in the IT field?

More and more companies are turning to ITS to design innovative pathways that can train skills aligned with technological innovation.

□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ They are such popular figures that they are increasingly contracted even before their diploma by the enterprises themselves.

In addition to the above mentioned routes, which are included in the ITS Rizzoli, there are the new routes that have to finish the first cycle and that according to Sella will be equally sought after: ITS Big Data Specialist and ITS Artificial In

Continuing training

Continuing training, adult training and technology transfer to schools and small and medium-sized enterprises are also activities that form part of the ITS mission.

L’ITS Rizzoli is working intensively on these fronts to support the corsual activity of ITS and IFTS, training initiatives in these areas.

и subiline Sella By laboratory it does not mean exclusively a physical space but, first of all, a space for activation of contacts around a theme: technology transfer in perspective Industry 4.0

This year ITS Rizzoli launched another project for the activation of continuing training initiatives.

•Sella •Sella •Sella •Sella •Sella •Sella •Sella •Sella •Sella •Sella •Sella •Sella Some of these initiatives will be available free of charge, in particular for teachers in schools.

Companies can collaborate with an ITS

Companies are one of the most important stakeholders for an ITS: they bring know-how, stimulate change and innovation of the routes, provide trainers, welcome students in internships and hire them.

• Companies • Sella • explains • can contribute to different ways: helping in the design of educational paths, offering significant professional experiences, participating actively in both the selection of candidates and teaching. In this case, we have recently opened a channel for spontaneous applications whose aim is to seek new IT technicians to collaborate with in the delivery of teaching in the classroom. We rely on the support of professionals and their desire to share knowledge and skills.

Candidates for teaching at ITS Rizzoli

ITS Angelo Rizzoli is always looking for partners with which to tighten synergies and share opportunities for professional growth: on the website of the Institute you can discover all the activities and sectors in which the institute operates.

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