The world of information technology is also undergoing digital transformation, and distribution consistently accompanies the sector in its path.

In fact, even a few years later the activity of major actors in the segment like Tech Data has changed radically. It would have been anachronistic to think of staying profitable applying business models now out of date.

Those who have shown that they understand the market perfectly and its nuances are Vincenzo Bocchi, Advanced Solutions Director of Tech Data.

The manager told us how the distributor was able to reinvent itself over a few years. An effort that has highlighted uncommon and fundamental qualities. Pragmatism and visionary spirit, for example. Two concepts only seemingly antithetical and irreconcilable.

Not everyone would be able to co-exist two souls so different; Tech Data proved to have succeeded.

Tech Data and the cloud, winning combination

Understanding how central the cloud would be for a distributor meant making quick decisions. Bocchi said that in the span of only 4 years Tech Data has carved out a leadership role in the Microsoft market, and with the agreement signed with AWS the company will strengthen its offer with a range of professional and managed services and multi vendor solutions with

The real ace in Tech Data’s sleeve, the creator of success in the cloud segment, is the StreamOne platform. Used for subscriptions, renewals and billing in the cloud, the marketplace plays a central role in distributor strategies.

The manager has been able to send us clear how essential the marketplace is in Tech Data strategies, but not only.

In fact, StreamOne represents a great opportunity for a huge number of talented developers and startups.

Tech Data knows very well how rarely these realities have the right tools to stand out in a very crowded and competitive market.

The distributor, strong in his expertise, supports talents in their path of approach to the market.

A clearly win-win relationship.

Or maybe it would be more correct to call it win-win-win: the third winner of the virtuous relationship between Tech Data and its partners is undoubtedly the final customer.

A territory like Italy has a great need for technological translators. Reality that can transform the extraordinary technologies made available by cloud computing.

The cloud and Tech Data at the service of SMEs

The microservices available on the marketplace are a real potential gold mine for Italian companies. In fact, an army of Pmi has a clear need for support in the path to digital transformation.

A road that cannot be separated from the cloud: small and medium-sized enterprises seek efficiency and flexibility from IT solutions.

In a time of great difficulty, cost control is as important as getting the best performance.

The cloud offers all this: the business model for consumption is perfectly matched with the needs of Scalability of the SMEs.

The market has changed and the channel accompanies it

According to Bocchi, it is essential for the channel to have the skills necessary to the needs of its customer base.

Tech Data is aware that not a few of its partners are real Pmi. Small systems integrators for which changing business model requires energies and skills that they might not have.

For this reason the distributor plays his role, alongside partners with training and marketing programs; another example of win-win logic evidently tailored to Tech Data.

The partnership with Aws

Thinking about cloud strategies without talking about Aws would not be possible for Tech Data, which will implement specific enablers paths.

As we have already pointed out, the distributor can accompany his own partners and will do so in this case too.

Tech Data will then assess the company’s maturity, training and development of solutions, which will provide partners with tools, knowledge and resources to speed up AWS cloud practices quickly.

The future of Tech Data: grow with channel partners

The distributor has shown, without any doubt, that he can reinvent himself.

Vincenzo Bocchi has a calm and convincing energy. Tech Data’s belief is perfectly embodied by the manager. The work done over the last 12 months has been very much, Bocchi revealed.

You might expect some level of natural tiredness. The opposite: the strongest feeling we have felt is enthusiasm. A mood necessary to face a future full of opportunities for those who will seize them. With management at this level, it is not difficult to imagine Tech Data’s most promising expectations.

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