Hendrik Witt, Chief Product Officer of TeamViewer, proposes an articulated reflection on the main technological trends that will accompany the organizations during the new year. Hybrid work, AR, Artificial Intelligence and sustainability will be central during 2022

Teamviewer, the 2021 trends are stronger in 2022

According to Teamviewer, smart working will continue with a significant impact on the technologies that employees and employers will adopt to remain efficient and competitive. Although hybrid work is already widespread, there is still a way to go to ensure security, connectivity and usability for a seamless user experience. During the transition to a so-called hybrid working mode there was a lack of strategic vision that left many business IT infrastructures uncovered. Employees within companies have taken the liberty of downloading the tools and software they needed to work with. A priority for 2022 will be the control of the so-called Shadow IT (i.e. information technology services implemented and used within a company without the approval of IT managers) to ensure the security and stability of the IT infrastructures of companies. 2021 was a year of expansion and testing; 2022 will be a year of consolidation and planning.

The spread of hybrid work has given impetus to the digitisation of sales processes. In 2022, employees will have to improve their expertise on consulting, providing a complete service, rather than relying on physical meetings to close business negotiations. This change will be particularly prevalent in traditional sectors such as banking and insurance. Finally, Teamviewer believes that over the next 12 months, the hybrid model will continue to have an impact on the frontline aspects that are closer to the product, with new remote modes that will continue to be introduced. This will change the dynamics of remote support and will lead companies to quickly adapt to a hybrid work model.

The Evolution of the Augmented Reality according to Teamviewer

2022 will be the year when augmented reality will become mainstream. It will improve our way of communicating by bringing information into our real-time visual field, providing opportunities for remote collaboration. This technology will be applied, for example, to each device and used in the public and private sectors. We will have an acceleration of training thanks to the certification of the use of wearable technology, powered by the AR. Teamviewer says that this will significantly reduce training times and allow new employees to be operational in a very short time, giving companies the flexibility to choose staff with limited training, which is particularly crucial at some times of the year. LMAR will also help reduce errors in product collection and/or quality control by replacing paper documents with interactive AR views directly in the visual field of employee devices. Step-by-step instructions will help to train employees faster for a given activity, improving the individual’s working life through better ergonomics.

In 2022, the AR will support the current challenges to ensure that employees can keep up with changes. Companies that adopt this technology will have a competitive advantage over those that will continue to select personnel using traditional methods.

Support of the Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will be an opportunity for frontline workers and production companies in 2022. Social distancing has pushed companies to hire experts remotely to drive workers in the front line through wearable devices; now, the next step will be to get instructions without the need to question a remote expert. L.A.I. will be integrated in every step of the production process • from workflows, maintenance, access management and information to make critical business decisions.

In addition, wearable technology using artificial intelligence will make use of data from various sources……………………………… For example, the AI will be able to identify certain security elements or hazards and display a warning signal or validate some parts of the process to get proper packaging. 2022 will be the year in which we will see the full potential of the AI in production and for front-line workers.

Technology and sustainability

Following COP26, the reduction of a company’s carbon emissions is becoming increasingly important, not only for the environment but also for an employer or salesman to get the right consideration. The investment market and the stock market are also considering reducing carbon emissions with dedicated investments. ♪ We expect to see a big change once the European ESG directive is fully adopted ♪ ♪ Teamviewer says

For companies it means considering the teachings of the pandemic and the possibility of working remotely and having distance support to reduce the need for commuting and travel. It is also necessary, the German company stresses, to recognise that no measure of sustainability linked to remote work will be possible without investing in the right technology, focused on sustainability, which allows productivity, efficiency and collaboration.

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