Last year TeamSystem launched Employees In Cloud, a solution that intended to simplify the management of human resources in micro-enterprises.

Now it’s time for TeamSystem HR, a new platform created to consolidate in a single cloud solution the different functions that meet all human resource management needs.

As explained by TeamSystem CEO Federico Lepropux in a note, in recent years, also thanks to the acquisitions of Euresys, SkyLab and Beneficy, the company has undertaken a path aimed at strengthening the supply in a high sector

And TeamSystem HR represents the culmination of this path. The range goes from administration, attendance, welfare to compensation, to human capital management, not forgetting the health and safety of employees, with software that allows business HRs, job consultants, managers and workers to access data from

This is a data driver solution that takes advantage of the benefits of the cloud to ensure performance and data security even in smart working and mobile.

For Leproux, the organisation of human resources in companies is undergoing a profound transformation thanks to the drive of digital: Â also because of the scenario determined by the pandemic, the SMEs are redefining processes, internal In this context, the HR function plays a key role in the evolution of business processes and in the promotion of innovative practices.

TeamSystem HR also offers cross-cutting features such as welfare, performance management and aspects related to compensation, company training, H&S organisation and health surveillance.

On the plate there is also a new way of dialogue between the company and the consultants of the job, aimed at facilitating the sharing in real time of the documents, to ensure efficiency in the management of each individual employee.

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