Team Collaboration: platforms, software and solutions that allow working groups to collaborate more efficiently.

A little for the normal evolution of the way of collaboration and much for the pandemic that has undoubtedly affected habits and working methods, the adoption of the solutions of team collaboration has undergone a decided surge all over the world, including Italy, with a

Allied Market Research, in a survey published in August last year, states that the global dimension of the team collaboration software market was almost $10 million in 2019, with a forecast of growth of up to 26 billion.

A report by Gartner in 2019 talks about a global market that will double over five years, from US$2.7 billion in 2018 to US$4.8 billion in 2023. If we consider that both reports have obviously not been able to take into account the disruptive effects of the pandemic on this sector, all data are bound to be updated upwards.

Team collaboration tools are therefore intended to be used by companies in an increasingly intense way, involving communication and material exchange systems ranging from chats to video conferencing, from document sharing to activity management.

Both from working groups operating in the same physical structure and from those operating in smart working, connecting with devices ranging from laptop to smartphone.

The objectives of the solutions currently available on the market are common: to simplify the sharing and collaboration between people. The fallback is intuitable, from increased productivity to reduced travel costs. Benefits that will be taken into account and supported even when the pandemic emergency ends.

But what exactly is the situation in Italy and what are the tools available? To learn more, we have collected the testimonies of some members of companies working in the field of team collaboration proposing platforms, solutions and software designed to promote collaboration between people.

We also asked them to fill out the solution tab they propose, which you will find at the end of their testimonies or by clicking directly on the link below.

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Adobe was born with PostScript and the Pdf, to which Photoshop was soon added. And often still today it is associated only with these products. Over the years, he has expanded his activity, focusing much on collaboration solutions. Plus solutions for the creative industry, the Creative Cloud › explains Federico Tota, Adobe Italia’s country manager › I am referring to the development of the PDF format that is now part of Document Cloud and has contributed over the years to accelerating the digitisation of businesses, governments and public administrations. But not only that, Adobe today offers a range of services, based on new digital trends such as Cloud and AI to create, manage, measure, optimize and interact with captivating content and experiences on multiple operating systems, devices and media. Our products and services are sold in Software-as-a-Service (Saas) or Managed Services mode and we address both business customers through our sales force and partners on the territory as well as end consumers and freelancers through apps.

Federico Tota underlines that collaboration is an essential factor for the work of the present and the future. I would like to share some examples: within Creative Cloud, people can share resources and libraries and you can invite members of your team directly to collaborate, for example, with Photoshop files. Document Cloud also works as a collaborative environment: Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign for example are two solutions that allow shared document management for revision and digital signature even at a distance. To further optimise workflows, Adobe has worked with key market players over the years to integrate increasingly effective solutions. I am referring for example to the collaboration with Microsoft for the integration of Microsoft 365 and even the possibility of working on a Pdf document within Microsoft Teams. With custom feeds and notifications and content sharing options, teams can organize their work and stay in touch with you.

Tota focuses on the current state of the adoption of solutions for collaboration in Italy, also in the light of the new tendency to agile work. ♪ In the last year ♪ explains Adobe Italia’s country manager ♪ we witnessed an unprecedented digital transformation that has led almost 8 million Italians to work at a distance on a A significant change triggered by the health emergency and which has generated a new awareness by companies of the effective effectiveness of agile work. After this first phase of experimentation, so to speak, there are many companies that will adopt it continuously in the future. If, as I expect, this trend will continue in the future, companies will increasingly need tools that can facilitate communication and collaboration between teams. Smart working does not simply mean that your strength can work remotely but achieve a digital maturity that allows teams to work and collaborate effectively, regardless of where they are through the use of appropriate technological platforms.

As regards future developments, Tota hopes that companies can capitalise on their efforts during the pandemic and integrate remote work into this new normality that we are called to face. • The assumption that the relationship and human contact remain fundamental elements also in professional life, needs to be rethought of the working methods and tools with the aim of finding the right balance between work in presence and remotely. Digital can certainly enable change. In this scenario, Adobe itself supports and will continue to support professionals and companies to improve online collaboration through its solutions, introducing new features that can help people work together on documents and projects even remotely.

Avaya is a company specializing in the offer of software, services and devices for communication and collaboration in real time, present in Italy with offices in Milan, Rome and Ancona ›Our solutions of the portfolio Avaya OneCloud Massimo Palermo then goes into the description of the specific solutions for team collaboration of Avaya. Avaya has a wide portfolio of solutions in UCaaS, also equipped with a wide selection of devices that make it even easier and more immediate to collaborate with teams. The UCaaS (Unified Communications as-a-service) solutions allow the company to replace expensive software and equipment, managed by different suppliers, with a unique solution provided as a centralized cloud service: the company does not require capital costs (Cap) In addition, UCaaS solutions provide for the application of a scalable model of recurring costs pay-per-use, which ensures the alignment of the service to the real needs of the end user. Avaya has among the many customers both private companies and public administrations who have relied on our solutions enabling smart working and agile work.

As regards the adoption in Italy of collaboration solutions, Palermo believes that the cloud has proven to be a powerful enabler and accelerator in digital transformation from the first phase of the emergency to the present day. □ The need for organisations to equip themselves to allow their employees to work remotely and to work wherever they do not disappear at the end of the pandemic. The azeindes have experienced the benefits of the cloud in terms of productivity, work-life balance and cost. We therefore believe that our collaboration platforms • in particular • Avaya Spaces and • Avaya Cloud Office Both of our solutions are simple to use, integrating intuitively all communication channels from a single interface. And those who can benefit more from communication and cloud collaboration systems are small and medium-sized enterprises, the ones most affected by the crisis and who do not have the resources both human and financial to manage directly IT infrastructures on-premise. The cloud, in fact, guarantees a very fast deployment over a few hours, with minimal investment profiles based on users. As for the most requested remote collaboration types, our solutions respond across the different needs of vertical markets. In particular, Avaya Spaces, the collaboration platform launched just a year ago, is used by companies, schools, governments and manufacturing companies in almost 100 countries.

If this is the present, Palermo is of the opinion that, after the emerging phase of the pandemic, companies will have to consider investments made as part of a growth strategy also for the future. ♪ Business models are changing and you won’t come back, this is a fact now evident. Priority must therefore be given to the ability to enable smart working and digital workplace, aimed at creating a smart and resilient workforce able to work anywhere and the ability to imagine new organisational models that also involve new ways of interaction The boundary between back-office and front-office will disappear and will leave room for. oliistic interactions,…………………………. In summary, today public and private companies need not only video conferencing rooms and telephone lines but a virtual space of collaboration that replaces the lost physical space, more connection and engagement between teams in the quotdian operations are needed. The Avaya OneCloud UCaaS, CCAaaS and CPaaS solutions already on the market today are our most direct and immediate response to support the new business strategies emerged in New Normal where work will be increasingly distributed, connected and collaborated

Centro Computer is a consulting company specializing in IT products, services and solutions for companies, with five offices distributed in Northern Italy and a team of 140 employees. › Our vision › tells us Roberto Vicenzi, Vice President of Centro Computer › is to enable people and businesses to make the most of the huge opportunities Our mission is aimed at improving user productivity and corporate value of the IT companies, taking care of the customer to help him keep up with the digitisation processes. We have always invested in innovative technologies to facilitate companies in addressing the new challenges posed by the modern economy. We offer tools, solutions and services to increase the productivity of people within companies. The Computer Centre is organised by ten specialised teams: Cloud, Softwaredefined Data Center, Networking & Infrastructure Security, Data Protection & Mobility & MSP, Unified Communications, Fleet Management, Pri

Vicenzi stresses that in 2020 companies suddenly faced an acceleration in the digitisation processes and tried to provide their employees with products and accessories to work from home with maximum comfort. • Think only of the webcams, headphones and external monitors to be used in Smart Working. The work has changed, becoming hybrid. In a context like the current one, what matters is the quality of the solutions used. These must be simple, effective and must meet customers’ choices in a strategic way. At the same time they must be easy to use by employees. Computer Center carries out pre-sale, design and supply activities based on Microsoft Teams collaboration solution and products in its portfolio, such as room video conferencing solutions and individual (think of Logitech solutions for example), equipment for the tuning

Companies are beginning to understand that the future will lead to a new normality, different from the one we used to, according to the vice president of Computer Center. • A normality in which hybrid work, which sees users working and interacting from different places, must be favored and supported by giving maximum importance to flexibility and agility. The pandemic, in essence, allowed the acceleration of the development of this new hybrid business culture. Although the trend was already growing, today with Smart Working and social space, all companies have collaborative projects on the site. Already during the first half of 2020, the health emergency had generated extraordinary demands from companies to prepare their employees for agile work. To give an idea, at the end of the year our business related to hardware tools of Unified Communications has grown by 200%. As has been confirmed a strong increase in the demand for mobile devices, especially with regard to the business lines dedicated to the services of Mobility Management, (mode that allows to supply and manage the entire fleet of smartphones and tablets with a single cycle of technological renewal ensuring continuity

For the future, aware that everything is moving towards the cloud and MSP solutions, Computer Center is constantly looking for and evaluating new solutions to be added to its portfolio to improve and expand the collaboration offer. We already provide IPPBX solutions for Teams completely in Cloud using Azure. All with a special focus on governance and security, the big challenge of the cloud

Citrix develops solutions with the aim of offering a safe and high-level work experience, wherever they are and with any device they operate, such as Citrix Workspace, Content Collaboration and ShareFile. Its software is in use in over 400,000 organizations including 99% of fortune 100 companies and 98% of Fortune 500. • The work • explains Fabio Luinetti, Citrix’s country manager • tends to get away from a physical place to become a digital space that The intelligent features of Citrix Workspace also allow to significantly increase the quality of the user experience, focusing them on the real priorities of the day and with microapps that automate routine tasks, to the benefit of productivity. We put the employee’s experience at the centre, make it fluid, integrated, intuitive, safe and efficient. We have the ambition and all the most innovative technologies to be able to cut collaborative spaces for groups of employees (external or internal) but also for the individual user. We do this intelligently because the goal is that the platform is of constant help and simplification, not an additional object to be managed. This allows us to make a great contribution to companies whose workforce is distributed, with teams of people working on the same projects being located in different locations. Always, anywhere and with any device, enabling the user to experience • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • For us, therefore, to collaborate means to put every employee in a position to focus on the content and not on how these should be stored safely, approved, shared, digitized. A great help also for IT that can manage with extreme simplicity and maximum efficiency our SaaS solutions kits, always having full control of the situation and avoiding the phenomenon of…shadow IT. From stream creation and management capabilities, approved workflows, shared workspaces, cloud storage, team coordination to our electronic signature solutions, and finally, thanks to Wrike’s acquisition, all this will lead to our customers We help companies to make their processes paperless, to be more green and therefore to be able to put the person at the center of technology in the most integrated and intuitive way possible. We call it Smart Workspace.

For Luinetti, too, the pandemic accelerated the process of digital transformation, which was already in place. • Today practically all companies have to face a distributed workforce and must be able to guarantee access to business resources without compromises in total safety. File exchange, workflows requiring the approval of a document, for example, are daily practices in the lives of companies and, in the absence of solutions that allow them to do so in a fluid way, the working experience is significantly worsening, with negative consequences on productivity. We can put all this in place very quickly, enabling companies to face the process of digital transformation with the security and speed required especially from this period

For Luinetti, speaking of how the manager sees the near future, a new normality is emerging. • Many companies will continue the smart working practices started with the pandemic even after the emergency health will be over. Of course, this has involved and implies a rethinking of the culture of work to date, in favour of a new culture based not on presence in a physical place but on the importance of objectives and results. We have been working on this for 30 years and will continue to support a work idea that rotates around the person and allows each worker to best express his/her potential. We are also working to improve collaboration between different departments, while standardizing the main IT workflows including new collaboration features, which allow companies to simplify the execution of work and improve efficiency and productivity of employees. We also expect that the new generations of workers will demand flexible work patterns from companies, and that these will be an important asset to attract and retain talents.

Dropbox was launched in 2007 mainly as a cloud storage platform, becoming one of the largest collaborative platforms in the world today, with over 4.5 billion connections to shared content and 525,000 business teams. Andrea Trapp, business director Emea of Dropbox, responded in English and we preferred, in order to allow us to understand the nuances of her statements, to leave the answers in the original language. ♪ In a world where tools and technologies can be frustrating to use, fragmented and difficult to integrate, we have adopted a different approach ♪ Andrea Trapp tells us. • In Dropbox we respond to the needs of dynamic and distributed teams, providing a suite of tools that help users set priorities, organize and keep work moving safely, from anywhere. The increase in remote work has had an interesting impact on our company, as our suite of tools is designed to help mobile teams. These tools include our traditional file storage, synchronization and sharing functions, as well as electronic signature with HelloSign and collaboration tools such as Dropbox Spaces and Dropbox Papers.

Andrea Trapp then comes to the credit of the solutions that Dropbox offers for team collaboration. • Since the pandemic imposed the transition to work distributed worldwide, teams have encountered new obstacles during the collaboration with projects. We know from our distributed work experience, called Virtual First, that when content, discussions and activities are present on different tools and channels, it takes too long to find what you need. If we think about who works with different time zones, it is even more difficult to monitor the progress of a project. Dropbox Spaces is designed to solve these problems. Our customers have always relied on Dropbox to simplify file sharing and organization, but with Spaces we have simplified team collaboration. Since its introduction in 2019, Spaces has evolved to become an autonomous virtual workspace, bringing together projects and teams so that they can work together efficiently throughout a project, bringing together everything needed in a single space. The distributed work also highlighted barriers to collaboration when it comes to managing flows of obsolete documents. All companies must store personal and sensitive information, from contracts to personal data of customers and employees. However, up to 2017, paper and pen were still used for over 70% of the signature processes. In the transition to remote work this is no longer possible if we want to promote the efficiency of the company and the collaboration between the offices. Our HelloSign solution solves this problem, allowing distributed teams to continue working with electronic signatures. In the last year, HelloSign has increased the number of applications for signature by 60%. Our customers have simplified and accelerated their business processes by digitizing the workflows of documents. In Dropbox we are also promoting a new level of collaboration through integrations with our network of technology partners. From project management to IT security, integrations with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Zoom, Slack, Adobe and Better Cloud allow our users to easily connect to the tools their teams use every day This approach to building an open ecosystem provides people with the flexibility and choice to use the tools that work best for them when it comes to creativity and collaboration.

We also asked Trapp to give us his opinion on the state of adoption of platforms for collaboration between people in Italy. ♪ During the first wave of pandemics we noticed that some companies were not ready for the transition to distance work in Italy, as in many places around the world. In some cases they did not even have portable devices for their employees. But now, after a year and still without a clear timing on when everything will return to normal, companies have found their way and employees have adapted to work remotely. Even in more traditional sectors, we have customers such as city councils and public institutions that have successfully accelerated this transition. This has led to a change of mindset: many companies in Italy measured the work of their employees according to the time spent in the office, and this is no longer possible. Companies have had to learn to focus on results and to get away from traditional thinking about how and when people complete their work and the tools through which they choose to do so.

Dropbox’s manager concludes her speech by talking about the possible evolutions of this sector and how her company intends to support them: About the world we are witnessing a massive transition to distance work and we will not go back But if distance work is destined to stay, so will the tools to support it. The tools to keep employees connected and productive have never been so important and will be crucial to ensure the success of both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. For example, in Dropbox, video conferencing solutions like Zoom have allowed our employees to keep their conversations with colleagues alive. A centralized workspace like Dropbox Spaces provided a collaborative place to collect activities and create projects. Perfect integrations between HelloSign and other business solutions, such as customer relations management software (CRM), have favoured productivity, eliminating the need to switch from one system to another within our documentary workflows. Meanwhile, instant messaging platforms like Slack have allowed our employees to exchange ideas. Companies investing in the right technology to support distance work will also find themselves in competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and loyalty new resources. They will have greater access to a wider and diversified pool of talents in more geographical areas. And since more and more people enjoy the freedom not to be held in one place, future employees will increasingly look at companies that can prove they have built the right environment to support this new way of working. Many companies will improve their IT tools and implement stronger digital solutions, such as electronic signature technologies. However, it is essential not to create a so-called fenced garden. To be fast, convenient and flexible, solutions must be able to integrate into any existing IT environment and be easy to use. Electronic signature providers with these features have a strong chance to become the most important players in the field of digital transformation tools across Europe.

Ergon is a fast growing Tuscan integrator system that aims to guide medium and large companies in the choice of IT infrastructure for digital transformation. It offers consulting and business continuity services, disaster recovery, unified communications, networking and virtualization, using partnerships with the most important technological vendors in the world in this field, strong of its vendor-inde nature Ergon is Cisco’s premier partner. •The collaboration • says Stefano Zingoni, marketing manager of Ergon • is a complex theme, starting from the choice of an approach and developing through software and devices We offer it to the customer through a real advice, suggesting how to implement it from scratch or how to make it evolve from a certain point of development. After examining and exploring the many solutions available, we chose to bring Cisco Webex to the market that we consider to be the best suite ever, the most adaptable and the safest. First of all, it uses the cloud and top-of-the-line Cisco security solutions; it also includes the offering of room devices, Webex Boards, top-of-the-tech, and unbeatable audio and reliability. Webex really provides people who use it the opportunity to develop a real collaboration, far beyond simple communication using advanced features such as shared board, creating open but protected workspaces, dedicated devices for personal use, all to provide a We discussed this in depth on March 25 at our annual event dedicated to Cisco Evolve Perform and Transform 2021 technologies, available on our Youtube channel.

For Zingoni, collaboration was a very hot topic even before the health emergency, and then received huge propulsion during 2020. • supports the manager of Egon • is an essential necessity for everyone. We as a company adopted it long before the obligation, part of a path of continuous improvement, optimization of the work-life balance between our people and of overall company dynamism. The most requested collaboration solutions, for our experience, are those that, as Cisco does, put the first place the collaborative sharing of documents and projects, as well as room devices that favor the usability for users of all kinds and finally, but not for importance

How do you see the future of collaboration? ♪ Evolution is around the corner ♪ ends Zingoni ♪ because Cisco looks ahead and already successfully experiences augmented reality components, holograms and virtual reality to completely zero the distances between the people who use his It will allow people to make sure that people really feel that they are at the same table and not in distant places between them.

Google does not need any presentation on the side of applications such as search engine or email, while it is perhaps less known the breadth and power of solutions such as Google Workspace (it was called G Suite) by Google • Google’s goal Cloud • Carlo Marchini, head of workspace UK/IE, Southern Europe and Emerging Markets Google • That’s why we provide enterprise-class cloud solutions based on Google’s cutting-edge technology to help companies operate more efficiently and adapt to a changing world. We offer solutions based on our reliable and secure global platform for productivity, collaboration, application development, data analysis and big data. We also offer artificial intelligence, machine learning, storage space and cloud-based tools based on a multi-level approach to protect hardware and software within our data centers. And we do it sustainably, managing the cleanest global cloud in the industry. We are, in fact, the first big company that is committed to using exclusively carbon-free energy, 24/7, in all our data centers and on our campuses around the world, and we intend to achieve this by 2030

To get into the specifics of the collaboration, Marchini continues: ›We started working on native collaboration in the cloud about fifteen years ago, offering the possibility to edit documents shared in real time. A concept, that of collaboration, which has evolved much especially over the last year, during which we learned to adapt to ensure constant productivity. We have therefore created future-proof solutions, which will see more and more co-exist work in presence and work remotely with important new challenges related to maintaining and strengthening human connection, as well as productivity and deep collaboration. Our Google Workspace collaboration solutions suite is our commitment to offering flexible, useful, safe and innovative tools that enable companies to face future challenges and continue to evolve. Created with the aim of providing everything you need for productivity in one space, Google Workspace brings together a wide range of applications (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Documents, Sheets, Meets and more) based on cloud It is a real virtual work environment in which you can collaborate, wherever you are, with your team members from any device and start new solutions in terms of workflow.

In Italy, according to Marchini, Google’s solutions have been adopted by companies of any size operating in different sectors to facilitate and simplify collaboration between teams, enable work and organize meetings and meetings with customers remotely, improve flows of © says Google’s manager • all Or at FCA, where Google Meet, our video conferencing product and part of Google Workspace suite last year, was used to allow dealers to return to interact with their customers even remotely In addition to FCA and Credem, many other companies have chosen our collaboration solutions, including Fracarro, Gruppo Feralpi and Fontana Gruppo

For Marchini, the future of work will see the implementation by multiple organizations of a hybrid work model or a home-office alternation that will bring a number of new challenges. • According to a Gartner survey • • • • Smart working is, in fact, a phenomenon that is increasingly consolidating and is destined to remain in time especially if we think about what it entails in terms of greater flexibility and agility of the workflows. Our goal is to create solutions that also support the well-being of workers and inclusion. We are experimenting with different ways to bridge the gap between being in presence and being elsewhere. For example, we are working to improve the experience of using a mix of devices or mobile devices • among the new features of Google Meet that will be progressively implemented around the world there are, just to name a few, if Another important goal for the future is to offer useful tools to support flexibility and a better balance between private and professional life, for example through new features of Calendar aimed at better and more focused management of your time and an immediate sharing with colleagues of your position

Inaz develops solutions to manage and administer staff, value people and organise work in an innovative way. In addition to being a software house, Inaz is also outsourcing payroll and HR services, with the data center owner, consultant and specialist in training and publishing in the human resources. • Consultants, analysts and technicians of the commercial network and service points • says Linda Gilli, president and CEO of Inaz • are in constant dialogue with companies that use our software and services: a structure spread throughout the Every month 2.4 million salaries are processed with Inaz procedures, 12,000 software procedures used, 130 thousand outsourcing cedolins and 200,000 end users in the cloud. We bring to the market a unique offer, complete and oriented to propose customized and tailored solutions, thanks to our strengths: a Group based on acquisitions and partnerships of excellence, a heritage of professionalism and skills always connected, a constant orientation to research, innovation and technology

We asked Gilli what is in particular Inaz’s offer within the team collaboration. • Allowing people to work better and build innovative forms of organisation is the goal with which all our solutions are studied • says the President of Inaz. •Hexperience is the HR platform of Inaz based on a powerful unique database on which various operating modules are grafted that meet all the needs of personnel management and organization. As far as team collaboration is concerned, there are two solutions that integrate cross-cuttingly with all Hexperience modules. The first is HE Connect, a collaborative tool that exceeds the limits of e-mail and promotes the exchange of information, the development of new ideas and engagement. It has an interface that follows the organization and logic of social networks: you can create discussion groups by role or function, by business lines or by departments and it is also usable with App. All Hexperience solutions are web based from any device and guarantee maximum data security. The second is the Employee Portal, a collaborative platform that facilitates and promotes communication and sharing of information within the organisation. From the detection of attendance to HR management, from the data of the cedolini to the management of safety, the information is always up to date and punctual. The worker accesses the data that interest him and dialogues with the Management of the staff in a natural and constant way; the function manager can manage and verify all the workflow authorization (workshops and permits, publication of canopies, individual communications and documents; management of the Through the Portal also pass the curriculum vitae and documents of the external candidate who responds to job offers published on the company website

What is the current state of the adoption of solutions of this kind in Italy and with what trend? • If this question had been asked only a year ago, the answer would have been that in Italy the adoption of advanced solutions for the team collaboration was still in its early stages, mostly limited to larger and digitized Of course, the pandemic and the need to work at a distance changed everything, leading millions of Italians to experiment with smart working and accelerating a trend that would probably take years to fully assert itself. Today, the need to equip ourselves with tools for remote collaboration is a fact for all organisations, of any size and degree of complexity. The opportunity to overcome the emerging logic of long-term investment, which will pay hugely in terms of productivity, competitiveness and ability to attract new talents, is the opportunity to be seized. In the last year Inaz has joined many customers who require three things mainly: ease of use, usability on all devices and data security. The most requested features are document transmission, information sharing and integration of activities into the organizational workflow, for all those corporate figures that must be able to verify, authorize, monitor, manage activities and reporting and analysis.

In conclusion, with the hypotheses for the future and the solutions Inaz is thinking of to support them, Gilli says that “Social collaboration is one of the technological pillars that make possible smart working together with mobility, social computing and Another trend in strong growth is that concerning solutions that eliminate paper and physical signatures in the workflow to support the business processes; and then there is the vast theme of artificial intelligence to support the agile work. Inaz is investing in these fields to develop tools that are always in line with market needs. In particular, we are focusing on areas such as Advanced Electronic Signature (especially through OTP), the development of semantic CV analysis tools and chatbots that, in a logic of support to smart working, can get to be true Transversal to all this is the crucial issue of security. Enterprise Mobility Management and Security become a priority for companies that are faced not only with a multiplicity of devices, including personal devices of employees (BYOD) who work from home and need access to systems. All the technologies adopted by Inaz are carefully designed to create a profile of the types of users that guarantee full and secure access to the company’s resources.

Liferay helps companies and organizations face their digital challenges with modern portal, commerce and intranet solutions based on a reliable, innovative and secure open source platform. With 16 years of experience and over 1000 employees operating in 19 countries, it creates integrated digital experiences, including web, mobile and connected devices. › We have always been committed › says Andrea Diazzi, sales manager of Liferay Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Israel › to meet the needs of companies and users in the most complex cases of use B2 We specialize in digital experience and can support through a single platform of great flexibility, different business objectives, including the increase in employee productivity thanks to modern intranets, the increase of B2B online returns with a solution of

Diazzi known as remote working has become normal for many employees in a very short time, who continue to work at a distance. • The companies • the manager • had to adapt quickly to this migration: among the most implemented tools we can certainly mention the Intranets, now defined as digital workplace, which have become a In this sense, it is essential to personalize navigation and content paths, to ensure that individuals not only find what is important, but can easily share them with colleagues and teams. And this is where the new concept of Employee Experience (EX) emerges. Today more than ever, companies have realized how important it is to interact with a remote workforce at any time and keep it productive and enthusiastic outside the office, supporting official communication in bidirectional mode, creating an EX focused on Being digital is a survival requirement for companies, and having a modern EX strategy helps employees to work better from home when needed.

For Diazzi, companies will continue to invest in collaborative solutions in the future, to offer employees, customers and partners of the EX optimized and increasingly personalized, in order to allow high levels of sharing and interchange. • We are working to support every type of organisation, from public to private, to design ad hoc solutions with our specialized partners,

Maticmind is an Italian ICT integrator system that designs, integrates and manages innovative technological solutions, thanks to specialist expertise in networking, security, collaboration, datacenter & cloud and application. The company works with public and private sector customers belonging to the finance, service provider, enterprise, health, education, energy, public administration (Pac and Pal). With over 750 professionals and 11 locations located throughout Italy, Maticmind achieved revenues of around 293 million euros in 2019.

› We have always been active › says Paolo Prevedini, marketing & business development director of Maticmind › within the collaboration solutions, in particular integrating Cisco Our approach is always to start from the customer’s need, linked to the business to the specific activity of the customer and its processes, within which the collaboration solution is lowered and integrated. For us, and I think it will be evident in the solution’s tab, collaboration solutions are the enablers linked to the digitalization of processes and for a smarter management of our customer’s core activities. For this reason, in addition to the analysis and collection of needs and the design and delivery phase and technology integration, the ability to explain how to best use the potential of technology, to maximize its adoption and therefore the perception of the potential of technology plays an increasingly important role.

For Prevedini it is clear that \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ I am convinced that this adoption trend will remain, but that a crucial role will be given by two aspects: a simple user experience, which will make full use of the potential of the tools and the integration of the application with external processes, tools and resources, just to not relegate

And what does the future reserve us, according to Prevedini? • In a business environment, in our opinion, the challenge will always be to integrate collaboration tools with those that are processes, tools and business spaces. Think about smart working: many companies have faced an emerging situation to face. But real smart working must include a series of complex technological resources, based on non-trivial collaboration tools, to be planned and implemented. They also plan to redefine and manage spaces and resources in an integrated way and not only provide access to a tool that enables the collaboration team.

Microsoft is also at the forefront of developing devices, digital applications and services to ensure integrated experiences of productivity, communication, information and entertainment. • In Microsoft • declare to 01Net Luba Manolova, director of Microsoft 365 Division of Microsoft Italy • we are committed to offering the most innovative devices, digital applications Over the years we have also gained a deep knowledge in Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, extending the advantages of these technologies to all fields of application, from business to consumer, to social themes. We have been present in Italy since 1985 and, thanks to the support of our ecosystem of over 10,000 partners, we have accompanied millions of public and private companies in their innovation process and helped millions of people to realize their potential thanks to new technologies. At the heart of our commitment, there is the Ambition Italia #DigitalRestart project, a five-year investment plan worth 1.5 billion dollars with which we intend to support the digital transformation and growth of the country thanks to cloud services, training programs and dissemination of With the aim of helping more and more public and private companies to seize the opportunities of Cloud Computing, we also commit ourselves to ensuring compliance with all security, privacy and transparency requirements and to offer the most advanced technologies to help companies to

Collaboration solutions are one of the most important pillars of Microsoft’s activities. • In the last year • Manolova • we learned how important it is to have the right technology available to adopt flexible working models We have developed several solutions that allow you to transform the way many companies are used to, starting with Microsoft 365 that allows you to increase productivity, thanks to a cloud platform that offers essential apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel and Power Solution to simplify the workflow, increase productivity levels thanks to tools enabled by artificial intelligence. In particular, Teams is a fundamental tool for all work environments, which in the last year has completely revolutionized and simplified the way everyone works. Today, with the utmost simplicity, people are instantly involved in video calls, scheduled meetings, and collaborating with colleagues thousands of miles away. In addition, we recently presented our new platform of Employee Experience Microsoft Viva, designed to help people in the digital era, putting users in the center and gathering in one place all the tools for productivity, well-being, and the Viva allows people to feel more connected, supported and to realize their potential, but also to manage their time at best , avoiding the risk of burnout , and to

Manolova points out that many workers are now working in full-digital mode. • In the last year • • • • • • • • • • • In a few months Italian companies have made a leap forward epochal in the path of digitalization. If the office was the workspace par excellence, today many workers are working in full-digital mode, with all the advantages that it brings in flexibility and productivity. If we think where we were only a few months ago, we are today at an excellent level of digitalisation of companies, not only of the large companies that have been benefited by having often already started digital transformation paths, but also of SMEs and PA which, at the outbreak of the health Now it is no longer possible to go back and the new ways of working phyto will only become the new normality. Even according to the data available to us, company managers expect 66% of employees to continue working remotely at least one day a week even after the pandemic. Our task at this point is to support this change, combining our ten-year experience in the diffusion of smart working, guiding innovation, listening to the demands of workers and always offering new solutions that can increase the collaboration and productivity of people

How is Microsoft moving to predict and support future developments in collaboration? • We work daily to meet the needs of organizations and people • Luba Manolova • concludes by bringing innovation and constantly updating our solutions. In the future, I am sure that we will see a change in technologies that give the possibility to maximise cooperation between people, overcoming the limits imposed by physical distance, as well as solutions to improve the welfare of workers and offer new opportunities for training and growth. Through the new technologies we are developing, you can more easily access the information and resources you need, work with colleagues across the world as if you were sharing the room, optimize your agenda and better support your work teams This is exactly what we are doing through the recent release of Microsoft Viva, our platform for the Employee Experience, and Microsoft Mesh, the new platform for mixed reality, enabled by Azure’s cloud, which Thanks to Mesh you can discover new opportunities for collaboration in meetings, hold virtual design sessions, support and learn from a distance, as well as organize digital meetings in person, initially showing how avatars within shared virtual experiences and, later, thanks and a

Onlyoffice develops open-source collaborative applications for business, focused on work with electronic documents. • We offer self-hosted and cloud solutions for individuals and companies in different sectors • explains Lev Bannov, founder and CEO of Ascensio System and developer solutions to be used in Our main offer is Onlyoffice Docs, a collaborative office suite for integration and development; we also provide Onlyoffice Workspace, a full stack solution with office productivity tools, desktop and mobile applications. Onlyoffice Docs allows users to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations in multiple environments (sharing platforms such as Nextcloud and ownCloud, ECM, learning management systems), or in Onlyoffice Workspa Our solutions are based on unique technologies that allow us to achieve maximum compatibility with MS Office formats, high data security, continuous and easy collaboration with advanced tools. Onlyoffice Workspace allows, beyond online collaboration on documents, to share and manage company documentation, facilitate projects and tasks, organize mail and develop corporate social networks, all in one place. Our solutions are also secure by design: you can install them in your network, control and monitor access and activity, encrypt files and the entire system. Onlyoffice is fully compliant with the GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and HDS

From the point of view of the adoption in Italy of collaboration solutions, Bannov says: ›We are present in Italy with a number of partners and several large customers. The most popular solution is the Onlyoffice Docs stand alone for integration, mainly with Nextcloud and Liferay. Onlyoffice finds its niche in Italy among users of sharing environments who want to introduce editing and documentary collaboration features, with good support for OOXML, in their business solutions.

As for the evolutions of Onlyoffice platforms, concludes Bannov, About now we are working on a brand new concept of documents involving interactive modules, to create text files and PDFs that can be compiled and automate documentation and This feature is currently being developed and tested, and we will probably present the first prototypes in the near future.

Ricoh Italia is a 360° technology partner for companies, offering both systems for the printing world and digital solutions and services that enable innovation in companies. • Alberto Giacometti, head of IT Services LoB di Ricoh Italia • integrates the skills and technologies derived from the acquisition of the activities of Ricoh Italia is able to create safe and efficient workplaces. Our proposal includes IT infrastructures, solutions for digitalization and automation of processes and systems through which people can work wherever they are, according to the Work Together approach, anywhere.

And what about the specific solutions for collaboration? To get a little more specific, I quote a concrete project as an example. To improve collaboration, the company producing components for women’s footwear Tacchificio Monti has chosen Ricoh interactive boards integrated with a videoconference system. Thanks to this innovation, the designers of the company are able to collaborate with designers who work with customers. When the Covid-19 emergency began and the work remotely became the new normality, the company was already ready with operating methods that allowed it to continue the business and operation.

For Giacometti, the current context has undoubtedly accelerated in Italy the adoption of tools for team collaboration, even in a cloud perspective and of increasing information security. • To look closer at the market • says • Ricoh has carried out some research involving employees from companies all over Europe, including Italy. It has emerged that people consider collaboration tools an essential element of their work now and in the future. During the first months of the emergency, employees in many companies have encountered technical problems related to technology and very often, especially in small companies, have had to use personal devices with all the negative consequences that this entails at the level of data security, for example. This was therefore a major challenge that continues to be addressed by organisations through digital transformation.

Ricoh is attentive to market developments in order to respond promptly to new needs and trends. • If in the past our interlocutors • concludes Giacometti • were mainly CIO and IT managers, Efficiency, productivity, motivation and satisfaction of employees are all related aspects for which, now and in the future, it is necessary to adopt an increasingly integrated perspective in the company and that takes into account the complexity that has been created because the perimeter of the companies has become wider. Ricoh will continue to support organizations of all sizes with technologies and services that allow you to keep up with operational modes in continuous transformation.

Siav is a computer company specializing in dematerialization, electronic document management, digital processes and collaboration. •We have specialist skills • Nicola Voltan, Ceo di Siav • in the realization of complex projects for companies and agencies, and we distinguish ourselves for the ability to guarantee with own resources the activities of analysis, implementation With more than 20% market share and over 4,000 customers, Siav is today the first Italian company in the field of enterprise content management, and offers software, cloud solutions and outsourcing services for electronic document management, protocol

What about collaboration solutions? • Quick comparison with your team, ringing to a colleague in another department, the information received in coffee break • Voltan • explains are just some of the customs that distance work prevents to put into place Maintaining an adequate level of cooperation is crucial for both business objectives and to keep a living membership of the company. Siav solutions, in particular Archiflow with EasyWorkflow modules, Dashboard Statistics and Distance Signature, allow you to optimize your activities in digital mode both in presence and remotely in smart working. Users can collaborate within virtual groups and offices, manage their tasks and assign activities to colleagues, but also draw to the need, and without the help of technical personnel, workflows with assignments and deadlines to be met. The daily work is transformed into a real digital workplace: with digital post-its, deadlines management and electronic signature managed for both colleagues of the company and, thanks to the remote signature option, extended to collaborators and suppliers outside the organization, it is possible In addition, distance work has brought out new organisational and monitoring needs for those responsible. Again, Siav solutions have proven effective thanks to immediate and intuitive dashboards that can represent both the performance of the activities and the critical peaks to be managed by the company.

The challenge presented by the advent of digitalisation is not overcome by simply digitising all the information previously handled in paper form. • For this reason, the best document systems • Precise Voltan One of the fundamental needs for a company is to analyse and rethink analog working methods and procedures, avoiding to replicate gaps and rigid activities carried out previously offline. Of course, sharing data and documents raises important issues in terms of security and privacy. It is therefore necessary that platforms operating in a collaborative perspective are able to ensure secure and controlled access to data and documents, both from within and outside the company, even in accordance with the latest regulations on the processing of personal data. Safety in this area can be guaranteed both at architectural level, for example through function of adjustment of visibility through roles, and application, using encryption technologies. The most sensitive contexts to these issues and solutions are typically administrative and HR, moving from the management of contracts to the onboarding of new employees, and the management of the staff file.

For Voltan in the future it is definitely \”digital first”. • From electronic document management, we will move more and more towards the production of digital documents with a collaboration work and with the support of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for Siav invests a lot in research and development and can count on an experienced team of the topics mentioned such as RPA, L’AI and Blockchain application. In particular, they are already available and services for automatic categorization of Pec and e-mail, registration of invoices and notarization of documents will be increased.

TeamViewer, thanks to its well-established platform, allows remote access, remote control, management and monitoring of all types of devices, from laptops and smartphones to industrial machines and robots. • As solution providers that enable remote connection between computers • supports Christoph Schneider, TeamViewer’s product management director • we have developed to become a solution provider for all types of collaboration needs, connecting In a panorama characterized by global megatrends such as the exponential growth of devices and automation and a new approach to work, TeamViewer is constantly engaged in the evolution of digital transformation and in the use of new technologies such as augmented reality (AR), intelligence In this context, TeamViewer not only provides solutions for remote access and meetings, but also remote collaboration tools based on AR and remote support for frontline employees.

TeamViewer’s heart is represented by the connection capabilities of devices and people regardless of where they are. Based on the TeamViewer global connectivity platform, our collaboration solutions are end-to-end encrypted with 256-AES encryption and provide the highest standards in terms of privacy. The TeamViewer Meeting solution is our collaborative solution and is available for major desktop and mobile operating systems. Enables you to start instant meetings directly from the contact list, HD quality videos, 4k multi-monitor display sharing, Outlook integration, meeting recordings and the ability to block meetings and protect them with passwords to increase For subscribers, TeamViewer Meeting also makes global access numbers available that can be enabled or disabled by the host. In addition to our Meeting solution, collaboration is part of our DNA. Our solution based on the AR, for example, allows you to call anyone to ask for support from your smartphone or through smart-glass to visually show the problem, and receive from the expert real-time notes to solve the problem On the trend of adopting collaborative solutions, Schneider is aligned with the other people we interviewed, believing that the pandemic accelerated the global trend of remote collaboration. The need to work at a distance has also forced traditional industries to adapt to virtual meetings and remote access to workplaces. We have seen an increase in collaboration solutions for some time, but of course the pandemic has put these tools in the spotlight, since many activities that would normally be carried out in person must now be conducted online › as the Especially for the management of sensitive application data or customer data, we have found the need for strong encryption and additional security features. But in addition to the classic video conferencing, chat and remote access tools, we have noticed a particular focus on remote collaboration solutions in an industrial context using the AR for visual support in case an expert is unable to provide his on-site assistance,

The future evolutions of the team collaboration are clear for TeamViewer. About remote work About Schneider About the time we are working About the online meetings and the use of collaborative For most employees, video conferencing and online meetings are already omnipresent. We have seen that these tools work if they are easy to use and do not interfere with daily routines. Reliability and safety are additional elements. After all, we expect a hybrid model for the future of work, even based on our experience. Although remote work allows great flexibility, employees tend to lose real contact with colleagues that an office environment allows.

Another aspect we have seen is the frustration of employees for the many solutions they need to use while working remotely. A key factor for suppliers of collaborative solutions will be their integration into different work environments, for their unfrustration-free use. Therefore, we are focusing on getting maximum compatibility, no matter whether with other solutions or different operating systems. Finally, we expect to see a constant improvement in the wearables sector and their functionality. Facebook and Apple are working on smart glasses for the mass market, we will see a significant increase in the use of new ways of collaboration solutions towards a mode of telepresence that will almost seem like a real human interaction.

Westpole is a service provider and system integrator operating in Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg in the cloud & managed service, digital infrastructure and application. In Italy, strong for more than forty years of experience in the sector, of over 250 professionals on four locations (between Rome, Milan, Bologna and Padua) and two highly certified data centers (in Rome and Milan), is able to support companies in digital transformation In particular, Westpole uses strategic partnerships and a broad portfolio of technological certifications, serving innovative solutions such as IOT & Edge, managed cloud and AI & Blockchain. • Following social distance and mobility reduction measures • says Matteo Masera, Director General of Westpole • companies are faced with a transformed approach, both with regard to safety and to the helpdesk of devices on which staff work Making these activities virtual and efficient means, for example, being able to manage both training for new recruits and problem solving (hardware or software) without being at the side of the user. We also work alongside many public administrations who, if at first found themselves very unprepared in the face of this kind of emergency, are today looking for ad hoc organic solutions for a unique management of physical and digital access points.

According to Masera, In Italy there is currently a big difference in the rate of adoption between large companies with strong IT component and those smaller or related to traditional sectors (such as manufacturing), which are today found with customized software solutions that struggle to climb up. • In the last year • explains the manager • we have seen a surge of demands even outside the typical individual video call systems: in many cases it is a matter of managing a non-tri In fact, throughout Europe a passage has been accelerated in some epochs: from systems built on premise servers of the company and customized ad hoc local software house to integrated models that allow instant and secure access and use of applications from anywhere and

On the side of the tools made available by Westpole to assist the likely evolutions of the team collaboration, Masera concludes: ›We now believe that most of the realities in the near future will no longer be able to organize activities If the first step related to the lockdown of March 2020 was oriented to provide at least the possibility of a remote connection to the business systems, often missing in itself, the future requires a further step, namely to make the work remotely as efficient as possible. As Westpole we are therefore investing in Mobile Device Management solutions, for remotely managing devices and applications, as well as in partnerships: for a year now we have also been operating services for Mac/iOS allowing the choice of the


By clicking on the solution name you will go directly to the platform page we are talking about. We asked developers to fill out the tabs of their solutions. In some cases they did not answer us, but the systems integrators or distributors who deal with them did. This section is dynamic and we are available to add new cards, if they come to us, or update references with other distributors or system integrators that include them in the portfolio of solutions they propose.


Company: Adobe

How to use: Subscription and additional services available in SaaS mode

Cost: Available here

Distributor: Computer Gross

Adobe Acrobat is the global standard for creating, scanning, editing, signing, protecting and managing PDFs, a format designed by Adobe over 25 years ago for efficient and optimized document management. Through Adobe Acrobat DC you can work in a collaborative way, through the functionality of comments and monitoring the progress of a project in real time, all from a single location on desktops, mobile devices or web. Thanks to Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence and deep learning, it is also possible to incorporate PDFs into any digital experience, optimizing modules and offering a better customer experience. Adobe Acrobat DC is part of Document Cloud, a productivity solution that integrates Adobe’s pioneering Pdf technology with Adobe Sign, a digital signature solution that allows you to create documents, work and collaborate from anywhere


Company: Avaya

How to use: Via web, or through hybrid solutions with use of IP terminals and other accessories useful for office use, mobility or smart working.

Cost: Available here

Distributor: Westcon

Unified communications as a service solution that brings together all communication channels and that also meets the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, since it does not need any initial infrastructure investment. The model of sale is indirect, through a network of partners-sales agent throughout the national territory. The strong point is to offer voice, video, instant messaging, meetings, conferences and collaboration all in one, from a single, intuitive and simple interface. In practice, companies that will use it will not have to install the classic telephone switchboard or PBX (private branch exchange) to manage calls, but will have at their disposal a single interface that also includes the sound and is multidevice, since it can be In addition to the native integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s address book, the system also includes more than 100 connectors to other applications and aims to eliminate fragmentation that often sees the overlapping of apps for different communication channels or to carry out activities


Company: Avaya

How to use: Avaya Spaces is sold through the network of Avaya certified partners throughout the country in Subscription mode (subscription 1-3 or 5 years with monthly or prepaid payment).

Cost: From $5 for the basic license (Business) to $14.75 for the Power license. You can request a free test for 60 days here

Distributors: Westcon, Flower, Asit, Itancia

Cloud application for meetings and collaboration in cost-effective teams that integrates voice, video, activity, content sharing and more into a single application accessible from any device and anywhere. The objective of Avaya with Spaces is to go beyond the concept of videoconferencing, aiming at a concept of team collaboration, that is a platform where each employee can interactively work with colleagues wherever they are. In addition to the partnership with Google, Avaya has recently consolidated its collaboration with Nvidia, which will result in a series of advanced features related to artificial intelligence and the development of new capabilities of the platform itself. Avaya Spaces functionality: permanent cloud spaces for messaging, meetings, file sharing and activity management; low-cost HD video meetings for up to 500 participants with content recording and sharing; connectivity with the Avaya IX CU360 collaboration unit


Company: Cisco

How to use: Saas

Cost: Available here

Distributor: Ergon

Webex is a collaborative suite, consisting of the virtuous union of physical and digital tools, which allows people to work together with simplicity, wherever they are in the world. The application, continuously renewed in the user interface, puts first the security and usability, offering features of video and audio called, instant messaging, meetings, sharing of screen and documents and carrying out activities, all this on your PC, on the The application allows you to express reactions with emojis and gestures to add fun to meetings. Immersive sharing allows you to use the presentation or screen as a virtual background by offering participants a custom viewing experience. Webex Assistant, the digital assistant in the meeting, provides live translations into 10 languages. With AI features, Webex displays the most important messages in the foreground so as to increase productivity. You can customize Webex spaces with colors, images and co-branding. Calls are enriched with transcription AI functions, notes, actions and recordings. The latest generation devices such as high performance Webex boards and the Webex Camera are divided into customized kits for meeting rooms or for the single workstation, for maximum productivity.


Company: Citrix Systems

How to use: Subscription


It allows you to share documents and send them securely, receive feedback, approvals and even digital signatures on any file, whether you work in the office, on the road or wherever you are, with unlimited cloud storage capacity. Files, emails and attachments in transit are protected by •bank-level • encryption and you can create a portal through which customers and partners can securely access the documents they need and collaborate in real time, freeing themselves from boring L In case a device is lost or potentially compromised, it can be remotely locked and ensure that the data does not leak out of the protected perimeter. Its interface is simple, intuitive and customizable and integrates document streams allowing teams to work better and faster. Thanks to the collaboration with Microsoft, ShareFile extends the value of Office 365, offering a more complete solution for end-to-end mobility, for maximum productivity and high security features.


Company: Dropbox

How to use: SaaS

Cost: Solution currently in beta version and subject to additional terms. To participate in the beta version fill out this request. Other plans and prices for Dropbox are available here.

Virtual workspace that combines projects and teams. With Spaces, working groups can access everything they need for a project, such as files, tasks, meetings and dates.


Company: HelloSign

How to use: SaaS

Cost: Available here

Distributor: Rekordata

Easy-to-use solution for companies to send documents for online signature, monitor progress of requests and get document signatures.


Company: Google Cloud

Cost: Available here

Distributors: There are several retailers in the territory that can support migration to Workspace. Here for more information:

Google Workspace by Google Cloud is the suite of productivity and collaboration tools that offers solutions to create, edit, share and store documents with anyone, from any device and from anywhere. Among the communication and collaboration tools offered by Google Workspace are: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Documents and Meet. Gmail is the email solution that allows you to store the match on the Cloud to access it from any device. Calendar is the digital agenda shared with other members of the organisation that allows you to create events, reprogram them and be aligned on the team’s activities. Drive is the digital archive on the cloud that allows you to create, store, edit and share documents. Documents is the application that allows you to create working documents and share them directly with the other team members so as not to miss any changes made. Meet is the application of corporate videoconferencing that allows you to create meetings with a maximum of 100 participants.


Company: Inaz

How to use: License, Saas

Cost: Customized according to the offer

Web solution for social collaboration that facilitates smart working and team work. With HE Connect, people can create business discussion topics, respond and interact, attach documents and find topics of interest immediately, without having to handle long exchanges of emails. The essential functions to move easily between information recall as a setting that of social tools that everyone knows and uses. In addition, security is guaranteed: all data remain within the company network. He Connect is simple and immediate to use, integrated perfectly into the HExperience platform, available always and everywhere even in mobility, developed in HTML5, available on any browser and multilingual. The product is based on the classic social collaboration logic and retains the typical characteristics of these platforms.


Company: Liferay

How to use: Subscription

Cost: Based on implementation needs

Liferay DXP is a unified, flexible and scalable digital platform that meets the current needs of companies to digitize operations and quickly create engaging online experiences for customers, retailers, partners and employees. It supports companies to accelerate the content creation process, improve experience management and digitize operations to the benefit of IT and business users. By offering a better ability to create, measure and directly test digital experiences, Liferay DXP allows companies to be more productive with less effort, and to distribute and modify digital solutions faster than ever before. IT teams have the advantage of being able to manage multiple products from a single platform, with powerful and flexible APIs that allow transparent integration with external systems, and investing a smaller amount of resources, as users can act independently. The platform also guarantees all the features needed to help companies meet the requirements for application safety and compliance. Site administrators can activate multi-factor authentication, requiring users to complete further checks to verify their identity in addition to login data.


Company: Maticmind

How to use: SaaS

Cost: On a design basis

Description of the solution:

Integrated solution that uses the most popular communication and automation protocols to enable advanced smart working, co-working and digital building capabilities, through collaboration tools and video infrastructure. This solution facilitates the setup of the work environments, making full use of the capabilities offered by Cisco collaboration tools and video architectures. In addition, these technologies promote the participation and creativity of the working groups in a simple way, regardless of the place and the endpoint used and making a user experience complete and customizable. Integration with physical spaces, through sensors and heterogeneous data sources, enables innovative home automation and space management capabilities. Some of these activities are user profiling, controlled access to environments, space booking, access queue management. Finally, the system makes available a complete report of the use of resources (spaces, collaboration tools, working tools…) useful to the different corporate stakeholders (IT manager, HR, facility manager…), allowing the adoption of


Company: Microsoft

Distributors: Over 10,000 partners across the country

Microsoft 365 E5 combines the best productivity and collaboration apps with advanced communication, security, compliance and data analysis capabilities. The solution enables protection against identity and information theft, it integrates advanced compliance tools to protect and manage data while reducing risks, together with automated security features that can block even the most advanced threats. In addition, Microsoft 365 E5 supports increasingly extensive and distributed teams with features such as audio conferencing and cloud calls and provides access, via Power BI, to analysis and insights useful to get the maximum business value from data


Company: Onlyoffice

How to use: Suitable for the needs of teams and companies of any size, it offers price ranges adapted to the type of service and functionality required. Teams that need more availability can still contact the sales office to agree on a customized solution. You can still try the suite for 30 days, free of charge and without obligation.

Cost: Prices start at $1750 per lifetime license ( Enterprise fare for 50 users): in addition, a Community version is available, completely free and open-source, with the use of which is limited to 20 users. The community version is very popular among small teams, and it is also a good way to try the solution.

Distributors: See here

Office open source suite with numerous features and features in collaboration. The service is offered by Ascensio System SIA, a Latvian company that develops all-in-one business solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, large organizations, universities and government realities. The solution is ideal to meet the needs of both individual users and companies, proving to be an excellent alternative to the most popular systems such as the Google suite or Microsoft suite. It also works in offline mode and is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux and Android and iOS operating systems. You can use the platform from public cloud or through on-premises installation. And once implemented, with Onlyoffice you can manage mail, documents, from editing to sharing, contacts, communicate through the Talk chat and monitor the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Onlyoffice Workspace allows you to create and manage different sub-categories for each project, accessible to a contact person or administrator. Projects can be commented on and displayed by establishing tasks for the various users who have access. In addition, administrators can set security criteria such as passwords or two-factor authentication usage, with SMS or apps.


Company: Onlyoffice

How to use: The free Community version is licensed under the AGPLv3 license. The Enterprise version, with a fee, offers pro features (content checks, document comparison), technical support and clustering capabilities. Developers can incorporate Office Docs documents into their web applications using the Developer Edition.

Cost: Suitable for the needs of teams and companies of any size, offering price ranges adapted to the type of service and functionality required. You can still try the suite for 30 days, free of charge and without obligation. Enterprise edition integrates Onlyoffice Docs on over 30 existing Sync&Share solutions: Nextcloud, ownCloud, Confluence, Alfresco, SharePoint, Liferay and more. Implement Docs in the federated environment or install it as a cluster. Get access to advanced features, dedicated support, and lifetime license. Community Edition integrates the free community version of ONLOFFICE Docs into any Sync&Share solution. Recommended for teams of up to 20 users. Community forum available for trautent support and quick troubleshooting.

Distributors: See here

Professional open-source suite for office work which includes editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It offers advanced editing functions, smart collaboration ideal for teams of any size, completely compatible with MS Office formats and can be implemented as a self-hosted solution on private network. For file sharing in editing mode, to view, add comments and revisions. Offer from Ascensio System SIA, a Latvian company that develops all-in-one business solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, large organizations, universities and government realities. Community and Enterprise versions can be used together with Onlyoffice. It can also be integrated with the most popular synchronization and sharing applications, such as ownCloud, Nextcloud, Seafile, and others. It complies with all the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and provides all the technological protections necessary to comply with HIPAA.


Company: Ricoh Italy

How to use: Hardware and software solutions installed on board

Cost: Sales/renting variable depending on the model and the solution chosen

Ricoh’s Collaboration Board (interactive boards) are a hub of collaboration \all-in-one  designed to support and make more efficient team activities during meetings and training sessions, even remotely. The solutions are available in black and white and in formats ranging from 32 to 86 in order to meet every need of room/room setup, from the personal station to the boardroom. Collaboration Board allows you to make presentations effectively, take notes and edit files directly via the touch screen, and involve employees and customers who connect remotely. This last possibility is made possible by solutions developed by Ricoh and by the support of any system for video conferencing (Teams, Zoom, Webex…). Office 365’s Add-on solution allows the integration of Collaboration Board into the world of Microsoft 365. After authentication via badge, the user can reset the appointments of the Outlook calendar, download the files present on OneDrive and SharePoint and start the meeting through Teams with a simple In addition, work by people in the room or who collaborate remotely can be easily shared by e-mail.

The Ricoh Creative Collaboration solution is ideal for managing 360° meetings. In fact, it allows you to view the scheduled meetings directly from the welcome screen, to enter any video conference in a single It also integrates a software with numerous features and can manage each file in its original format. The solution also includes a collaborative application that, installed on your personal devices, allows users to interact remotely by sharing files on their laptop or mobile device.


Company: Ricoh Italy

How to use: SaaS

Cost: Depending on the type of license

Cloud video conferencing platform that allows remote collaboration through a virtual meeting room. The solution guarantees quality in audio and video communications and security as it is based on a proprietary network around the world. To meet the needs of all companies, different types of licenses are available. License for access to a virtual room assigned to a user who can arrange video conferencing with anyone. It can accommodate up to 100 users and includes streaming and recording and chat service. This licence provides for the assignment of a public SIP address to the user, which ensures the interoperability of the videoconferencing also with room equipment and videoconferencing systems using the same software.

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